Kentucky Man Accused Of Using Cellphone To Record Men, Boys As They Used Chick-Fil-A Restroom

A Kentucky man was arrested for allegedly using his cellphone to record men and boys as they used the restroom at a fast-food restaurant, according to WDRB. At approximately 4:30 p.m. on January 9, it was reported that 31-year-old Bryan C. Wilson of Louisville, placed his cellphone on a cabinet in the men’s restroom at a Chick-Fil-A on Westport Road, near Springhurst Boulevard and left his recorder on for five hours until it was spotted by an employee.

According to an arrest warrant, the “video recorded the urinal in the men’s room for the purpose of capturing video of the genitalia of men and boys using this bathroom. During the recording time, the phone captured at least four male juveniles and one adult male urinating.”

Sgt. Pat Bass, who is with the Louisville Metro Police Department, stated that Wilson’s camera was “Somewhat hidden. It was up on a cabinet that they use. It was propped up there, where the normal person probably wouldn’t see it. It’s disheartening to think that somebody would do that in a place that should be private.”

Bass went on to say that after five hours of recording men and boys use the lavatory, an employee spotted the camera and notified the manager, who then turned it over the police. According to WHAS 11, after police officials conducted an investigation, it was discovered that the cellphone belonged to Wilson and a warrant was immediately issued for his arrest.

Images of the men and boys were captured on the video, but deputies are still calling the act a “disturbing crime.” Bass stated that “You expect privacy and it would be, it would be very, very disheartening, to think that somebody would do that in a place that should’ve private.” He added that after police officials investigated, they don’t believe that the recordings were uploaded to any websites. However, an app was found on his cellular device where he shared nude pictures of himself.

“We think we have the situation solved; we don’t think that there’s a lot of other stuff out there,” said Bass.

The LMPD sergeant is aware that after the incident went public, people may opt to avoid using public restrooms as they fear they too will become victims of video voyeurism. However, Bass stated that “You can’t go around looking over your shoulder all the time but if it’s something to take a second and look around, that makes you feel more comfortable which I think people will now, and if they see something it will be reported more now.”

But on January 25, Wilson – who does not have a criminal record – turned himself in to Metro Corrections where he was booked and charged with video voyeurism. He also made his first court appearance the same day and pleaded not guilty to recording men and boys as they used the restroom at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant.

Customers at the fast-food restaurant were stunned after learning that a cellphone was placed in the men’s restroom, recording men and boys during their most private moments. Mike Anderson told reporters that “It’s a sad world we live in. Have a conscience. Think about what you’re doing.”

Another customer, Stephanie Jahn, added that “You just have to be more vigilant, and I personally don’t let my kids go into the bathrooms by themselves.”

Wilson’s grandmother also spoke with reporters and stated that she was shocked after uncovering her grandson, who works at the Food Plant, near the Chick-Fil-A, is being accused of recording men and boys as they use the facilities. She went on to say that “it doesn’t sound like the good kid she knows.”

Bryan C. Wilson has since been released from jail after posting bail. However, he is due back in court February 4.

[Image via Louisville Metro Corrections]

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