Sex Offender Raped His Sister And Stepdaughter For Years

A registered sex offender has been convicted of more than 1,000 charges associated with the rape and molestation of two victims. Sunday World News reports that 41-year-old Edwdard Geier was on trial for just a mere two days before a jury decided that he was guilty of several crimes against his child victims — which included his own sister and his stepdaughter.

Authorities in Bellfonte, Pennsylvania, began investigating the convicted child molester in 2014 after they encountered a child walking alone, who did not want to go home to Geier. CBS News reports that the young girl told authorities that he had been molesting her frequently for four years. The child turned out to be the Pennsylvania man’s 13-year-old stepdaughter. Her story indicated that the abuse began when she was as young as 9-years-old.

After Geir was slapped with several charges associated with the rape of his stepdaughter, his little sister came forward with her own heartbreaking story of sexual abuse. She told authorities that her older brother sexually abused her as early as 2003. To make the second victim’s story all the more tragic, her own mother convinced her to not come forward with what her brother had done to her. Even after she did finally come forward, her mother tried to pressure her to recant what she had reported. No reports are indicating why the man’s mother was so dead-set on protecting him, even after he raped her daughter — his biological half-sister.

Edward Geier was already a registered sex offender before his recent conviction. In 2001, he was convicted of indecent assault. The Pennsylvania Megan’s Law page does not indicate the age of the victim in Geier’s 2001 conviction, but it does share that he was ordered to be on the registry for at least a decade. It certainly looks like that’s going to change since he has been convicted of more than 1,000 crimes associated with the habitual rapes of his sister and stepdaughter.

Social media is flocking to this case with a host of comments against the man convicted of repeated rapes of child victims. The fact that he targeted his own stepdaughter and biological sister is attracting the most disgust from people on Twitter and Facebook as this story goes viral.

Edward Geier has been convicted of more than 1,000 counts of child molestation and rape, but he has not yet been sentenced. Multiple reports indicate that he may be sentenced sometime in March, but the number of years of imprisonment has not yet been determined. For the number of charges he has been convicted of committing, he could face the rest of his life behind the walls of a prison.

[Photo: Bellefonte Police mugshot]

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