‘Lila & Eve’: Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis — Vigilante Mothers Murder Street Thugs To Avenge Son’s Death In Lifetime Movie

Lila & Eve is a riveting new drama thriller that is set to premiere on the Lifetime channel this Saturday. The movie was released in 2015 starring Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis. Directed by Charles Stone and written by Pat Gillfilan, Lila & Eve tells the story of two angry mothers who want revenge against the drug dealers who killed Lila’s son in a drive-by-shooting. It stars Jennifer Lopez as Eve Rafael, Viola Davis as Lila, Shea Whigham as Holliston, Andree Royo as Skaketi, Chris Chalk as Alonzo, Aml Ameen as Stephon, Yolanda Ross as Patrice, and Ian Casselberry as Alejandro.


Lila & Eve Lifetime movie synopsis

At the beginning, Lifetime’s Lila & Eve introduces us to Lila, a former city clerk who is now on administrative leave after the death of her son, Steffon. Sick with grief, panic, and worry, Lila does everything she can to get a grip on her emotions, believing that joining a local support group for mothers of murdered children will help her through the grief. What she’d like is a good friend to talk to, and she gets just that when she meets Eve Raphael, a feisty Latina whom she befriends at the grief support meeting. Feeling a disconnect from some of the other mothers in the group, it seems that Eve is exactly who Lila needs in her life at the moment.

But as the two forge a tight bond, Eve lures Lila into a world of murder and revenge after she unexpectedly kills a drug dealer who may know something about the fatal shooting death of Lila’s son. Now, Lila’s life is spinning out of control as she deals with how to protect her youngest son, as well as possibly being implicated in a series of murders in the city. Has Lila lost her grip on reality? And will she be able to keep their secret from being uncovered by one tenacious cop? To find out, you’ll have to tune into this bizarre Thelma & Louise-type thriller.


Like in the movie Lila & Eve, revenge killings have had their role in American society for many years. Though there doesn’t seem to be an exact inspiration for the making of the movie, Inquisitr did uncover two stories that share the same type of crime.

In Spain, a mother became so provoked by her daughter’s child molester that she set him on fire, killing him in the process back in 2005. According to the Telegraph, 69-year-old Antonio Cosme Velasco Soriano had been convicted of molesting her 13-year-old daughter and was serving a sentence of nine years in prison. But while on a three-day leave from prison, he saw the victim’s mother in the street and asked how her daughter was doing. That’s when witnesses say the woman followed the molester into a local bar and doused him with gas before lighting a match. He died in the hospital a little more than a week later. The Spanish newspapers did not specify the name of the mother.

In 2003, a Knoxville, Tennessee, mother killed her daughter’s molester after a confrontation at his workplace took a turn for the worst. Kimberly Cunningham had gone there to speak with 39-year-old Coy Hundley about the molestation, but became overcome with emotion when the molester laughed at her and asked her what she was going to do about it. Authorities say that’s when the mother took out her gun and shot him to death. She was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison, which ended up being reduced to six months, according to ABC News.

The Lifetime movie Lila & Eve is a movie about what happens when a loving mother is pushed too far, and the lengths that’s she’ll go to in order to defend her children. It was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and produced by A + E Studios, ChickFlick Productions, and JuVee Productions. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) lists the executive producers as Lisa Hamilton Daly, Viola Davis, Tanya Lopez, Rob Sharenow, Julius Tennon, and Molly Thompson. Watch it this Saturday January 30 at 8 p.m., on Lifetime.

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