Marvel Vs. K-Pop: Domestic Fate Of Deadpool And HyunA — Merc With A Mouth And K-Pop Idol ‘Get Married’ For ‘High Cut’ Photoshoot

On Valentine’s Day weekend this year, Marvel fans will have the opportunity to have a romantic date with the “Merc with a Mouth” when Deadpool releases in theaters. Needless to say, many have been hyped for the upcoming movie ever since the trailers for it were released, as attached below. Fair warning: Anyone who can’t handle profanity should not press play.

With Valentine’s Day weekend approaching quickly, Marvel and 20th Century Fox are doing all they can to promote the upcoming film. Numerous video clips, along with pictures and posters, have released to help hype the film, and a clip of Deadpool “popping the question” is making its rounds. What’s more, France just released their Deadpool movie poster in which the anti-hero “does Paris.” Even Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Deadpool, is on an international tour, making stops in Taiwan and Australia on Australia Day.

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One promotion, however, is getting plenty of attention because it crosses Marvel with K-pop. Just recently, Deadpool was featured in a photoshoot for High Cut with HyunA. In it, the Deadpool got all domestic with the K-pop idol member of 4Minute.

Hyuna Deadpool Breakfast
HyunA of 4minute is bored while Deadpool reads a “High Cut” paper featuring himself on the cover [Image via High Cut Public Promotions for ‘We Got Married’ Shoot]

The photoshoot by High Cut, a popular magazine in South Korea, was created to help promote the upcoming movie Deadpool for Korean and Asian audiences. According to KpopStarz, HyunA and Deadpool utilized the theme from popular Korean variety show We Got Married, in which they pretended to be on a romantic date. However, the scenario doesn’t show a lick of romance, as HyunA is evidently bored while Deadpool reads the latest issue of High Cut, the one his pictorial with HyunA is in as a means to break the fourth wall. Two other pictures were provided for the promotion of the upcoming issue. One showed Deadpool and HyunA cooking pasta while the other had them hugging each other. HyunA was wearing an Andy & Debb knitted dress and veil, which made her look like a bride.

It should also be noted that HyunA was specifically chosen to pose for the photoshoot for her “unique stage presence.” The magazine recognizes Deadpool as an over-the-top character with an outstanding comedic stance. HyunA is someone who wouldn’t be shadowed by the popular Marvel antihero.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Photoshoot
Ryan Reynolds responded to HyunA’s “Deadpool” photoshoot with admiration [Image via Ryan Reynolds’ Official Instagram]

When the photoshoot was released online, many people took notice, especially Ryan Reynolds.

He responded by posting a photo of himself hugging the pictorial on his official Instagram account with the tagline, “This happened… and I don’t regret it for a second.”

Reynolds also wrote 사랑, which is Hangul for “Love” followed by HyunA’s tagged Instagram name. At this moment, the picture has over 116,000 likes with almost 2,000 comments.

Deadpool will release at the box office on Valentines Day weekend, February 12, 2016, in the United States and February 18, 2016, in South Korea. It stars Ryan Reynolds as the “Merc with the Mouth” along with Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, and Gina Carano. As for HyunA, she is currently with 4Minute working on their next album, which will be co-produced by Skrillex.

[Image via High Cut Public Promotions for “We Got Married” Shoot]

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