Nikki Bella Set To Have Surgery For Wrestling Injury, But Will It Affect Her WWE Career?

January 27 will see well-known female WWE star Nikki Bella go under the knife for surgery in order to fix a herniated disk and a broken neck. However, the question on everyone’s lips right now is how will this affect her wrestling career. The surgery is expected to last about two hours as surgeons complete a bone fusion procedure to fix an injury that the star sustained as a result of years of WWE action.

Considered to be one of the toughest fighters in WWE, it’s no surprise that Nikki Bella has sustained such serious injuries, but who knows what her wrestling game will be like following the lengthy procedure.

Nikki Bella revealed that she has been wrestling with bad pain since the middle of last year. When she decided to get an MRI scan, she discovered that she had a broken neck. At that point, she took the decision to stay out of the ring and have the issue fixed for good. However, Nikki remains pretty positive about the process and discussed the potentially career-ending procedure in a recent interview.

“There is a potential that this is career-ending, we will only know that when I get out of surgery on Wednesday and then basically how the bone heals.”

This is certainly one scary procedure that Nikki Bella is set to undergo. However, fans won’t know the effects of that procedure on the star’s career until after the surgery is complete. Nikki has said that she desperately hopes she’ll be able to make a return to the ring one day, but the current time is one for rest. Fans will definitely be crossing their fingers for Nikki as her WWE career hangs in the balance.

Fans likely know Nikki Bella as one-half of the infamous female wrestling duo The Bella Twins. The twins go by the formal names of Brianna Monique Danielson and Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace but are known in the ring as Brie and Nikki Bella. They’ve risen to fame as a couple of the most interesting stars on the WWE scene, with Nikki being ranked as No. 1 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s “Female 50 in 2015.” With that in mind, the future could hang in the balance for both of the wrestling twins after Nikki’s surgery.

The WWE scene without The Bella Twins, or even Nikki Bella, definitely sounds like something of a scary prospect. Along with her sister, she’s become one of the most well-known names in female wrestling. However, under the name of Nicola Garcia, she appears to have launched something of an acting career. With that in mind, even if this surgery doesn’t allow Nikki Bella to make a return to the professional wrestling ring, there’s a good chance that she shouldn’t struggle to find plenty of acting gigs.

For now, though, all eyes are on Nikki Bella and what the situation will be when she comes out of her surgery for that aforementioned herniated disk and her broken neck. When it comes down to it, considering the amount of years of service Bella has put into wrestling, it comes as no surprise that she’s sustained a few injuries along the way. However, considering the high stakes of this surgery, it doesn’t make the situation any less difficult.

That being said, with any luck, Nikki Bella will make a full recovery from her surgery and will be back in the professional wrestling ring with sister Brie in no time at all.

[Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]