Is ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Ashley Darby Really A THOT?

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby appeared to be thrilled to join the cast of the show and meet her co-stars, but their first encounter didn’t go as expected. According to the Daily Mail, Ashley met with her co-stars, Katie Rost, Gizelle Bryant, and Robyn Dixon at an event she was throwing together. Darby was throwing a party for her charitable organization, Sip With Socialites, but her co-stars were more interested in her personal relationship.

Ashley Darby didn’t hold back when she was asked about her marriage to her much-older husband. But Darby didn’t make the best impression with her co-stars. When she talked about having a baby, she mentioned that she wanted a Gemini or a Leo baby. Plus, when her co-stars asked her about her sex life with her husband, she claimed that her husband was gifted with his genitals.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby is now addressing the THOT comment (which is roughly translated to “that hoe over there”). The comment surfaced after Ashley revealed that her husband was much older than her, but could perform sexually – without Viagra. Gizelle Bryan was quick to judge her co-star, which is where the comment came into play.

“Gizelle needs to stop using (the few) words she understands in rap songs, and act like a middle aged woman with daughters. I despise the word “hoe.” If anything it creates a division between women by implying that our value is determined by our sexuality.” #ByeFelicia

“I’m a happily married woman who loves to have fun, so when I see someone with a sour face I’m going to do something goofy to lighten the mood,” Ashley Darby explains about the comment, adding that it didn’t really bother her.”

Ashley’s co-stars may have forgotten that she is indeed married to her older husband. She isn’t necessarily in the marriage for the sake of money, which is something that her co-stars didn’t take the time to understand. But in her blog for The Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley Darby explains that she met him while she was working and going to school full-time.

“I met Michael when I was 22 and bartending at L2 in Georgetown. At the time, I was working at night, going to school during the day, and enjoying my youth 24/7. I was talking to my manager in the main office when I watched Michael walk in on the security camera. Sweet baby Cleatus! Even with a blurry, black and white picture, I was hooked. Love at first sight is real, y’all!” she explains about how she met her husband.

When fans saw Ashley and her husband together, they may have thought that they weren’t the best fit. But as she explains, they are indeed very different. They don’t have the same political views, they don’t have the same backgrounds, and they weren’t raised in the same countries.

“My relationship with Michael is anything but traditional, so I’m not surprised that weaves shift when I talk about it. There’s a 29 year age difference, we hail from different continents, we’re different races, AND we have polar political views. Patti Stanger would certainly never match us, but our common views on love and life create a strong underlying foundation in our marriage. The icing on our heart-shaped cake is a shared passion for adventure. For our honeymoon, we trekked Mt. Kilimanjaro which tested our relationship in a whole new way. Don’t fret – the romance never died, we joined the (15) mile high club ;). With those endorphins, who needs Viagra?!” Ashley said about her marriage.

Of course, the THOT comment does seem to be completely uncalled for and may have been a quick call to judgment. Maybe Gizelle needs more time to get to know Darby since she is indeed happily married to her husband.

What do you think of Ashley Darby on The Real Housewives of Potomac? Do you think the THOT comment was fair or uncalled for?

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