Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner & More Stun In Gorgeous New Calvin Klein Campaign

Oh nothing. Just Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and a roll call of uber famous artists, models, and lesser known creatives launching Calvin Klein’s 2016 underwear ads campaign.

On Tuesday, the Canadian superstar unveiled the first look at the millennial-targeting global campaign, sharing an already iconic shot filmed by photographer Tyrone Lebon on his social media accounts, with the hashtag #mycalvins.

In the photo, Bieber, unashamedly (and rightly) likens his toned body and provably generous jewels to modern art. As GQ magazine states, “Justin Bieber’s bold homage to classical sculpture is the real gem in this campaign. Michelangelo’s David ain’t got nothing on this.”

“I flaunt in #mycalvins,” the Prince of pop wrote for the new Calvin Klein ad, while posing next to a Greek statue in a pair of black boxer briefs. He added, “Introducing the @CalvinKlein spring 2016 campaign.”

Other shots of Justin from the campaign surfaced the same day.

Justin Bieber

CK social media accounts shared another image of the 21-year-old, which the singer previously posted on Instagram.

It shows the heartthrob feigning sleep, while lying on white sheets on a bed wearing only white Calvins, with one hand touching his package.

“Back in bed with @justinbieber. As feat. in the S16 global ad campaign photographed by Tyrone Lebon. #mycalvins Stay tuned for more,” the brand’s message reads.

Calvin Klein didn’t just reintroduce Justin Bieber as the face of its new campaign. Supermodel Kendall Jenner is back, along with new recruits Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, FKA twigs, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Joey Bada$$, Saskia de Brauw, Sung Jin Park, Destiny Frasqueri, Adwoa Aboah, Klara Kristin, and more.

#ad I want to be with you in #mycalvins. My new Spring 2016 @calvinklein campaign... What do you do in yours?

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All these names were teased in a snippet video the brand shared before the full length 90-second fast-paced video arrived hours after. During the clip, each “model” answers the query, “What do you do in yours,” by revealing what they “do” in their underwear.

Getting the message to their respective social media followers, each celebrity model shared reveals of themselves on social media, along with a personalized message, reading, “I [verb] in #mycalvins.”

FKA Twigs

While Justin “flaunt[s],” Kendall confides that she “want[s] to be with you.” Abbey Lee revealed she “[is] free,” Saskia de Brauw says she “[is] simply” in hers. FKA twigs “excel[s],” Lamar “reflect[s],” Joey Bada$$ “pledge[s],” while Fetty Wap “makes money.”

Justin Bieber

And so to bed.

Justin Bieber

Speaking to People Style, Bieber revealed the difference between his first photo shoot for the brand which was revealed last January.

“It was much more informal this time around. I was excited I got to skateboard,” the singer says.

Asked if he had felt self-conscious stripping down to tight boxer-briefs in front of others during that shoot, the Biebs replied, “I’ve been doing photoshoots since I was a kid, so I am comfortable in those situations at this point.”

Justin Bieber

In contrast, Kendall said she felt shy in revealing shoots, adding, “Explaining that kind of thing with words is always tricky, but it’s just this rush and a big part of what attracted me to modeling in the first place.”

Kendall Jenner

The 20-year-old beauty also told the magazine she gets excited seeing her face on billboards.

“It’s a bit unreal to see myself in such an iconic ad… that I’ve grown up obsessing over each time I saw it’s campaigns in magazines,” Jenner admits. “You know that feeling you get when you’re hitting the loop to loop on the roller coaster and your belly drops and you get that rush of adrenaline? That’s kind of what it feels like.”

“Now combine that with a giant billboard on [N.Y.C.’s] Houston St. and you’re just like, Wow,” she adds.

Kendall Jenner

Longtime pals Bieber and Jenner both said great music helps gets them in the right mood during a shoot. “All you really need is a good playlist and the rest sort of falls into place,” Kendall shares.

The “Sorry” singer had his new album Purpose playing on set, chimed in, saying, “It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I want it to be calm and other times I want to be really hyped — so it all depends.”

For the Biebs, the new campaign won’t suffer from the same shabby carping that led to photoshopping allegations, after a fly-by-night website posted a clearly photoshopped GIF claiming it was Bieber before retouching. It wasn’t, and the site removed the image and apologised after Team Bieber threatened legal action. Numerous parodies followed.

However, all doubts of that nature were inadvertently silenced nine months later when paparazzi took nude photographs of Bieber without his knowledge or consent during a vacation in Bora Bora.

Translation: This time around, the singer’s Calvin Klein ads — and junk — should and will be respected.

To see the full CK S16 campaign, view here.