Discover The Lore Behind Ekkunar, The Shattered Planet In ‘Battleborn’

In Battleborn, players are tasked with saving the last star in the universe from the evil seeking to destroy it. The first-person shooter boasts a handful of competitive modes, but the 25 heroes can also be played in a co-operative story mode when the game launches on May 3. Each character is a member of one of the game’s five factions, and all the characters and factions have a wealth of lore to appreciate. Players will discover even more of the Battleborn story as they complete each of the game’s repeatable chapters in Story Mode.

Since the last star is in great danger, the planets that surround it are rather important, too. In the latest lore background, Gearbox Software developers detail the planet of Ekkunar, the last green planet in the Battleborn universe. With a shattered and unique landscape, a number of different ecosystems exist on the planet. Jungles, forests, and deserts are all present on the planet with some isolated areas thanks to the broken nature of the planet’s landmasses. Although defying logic, Ekkunar’s separated and seemingly floating landmasses are likely due to Varelsi technology or even Ekkuni dwarven machinery.

The Ekkuni dwarves in Battleborn are native to Ekkunar and likely descendant from the first race, Aztanti. They are skilled botanists and geologists with an affinity for being underground. Their technology peppers the Ekkunar planet alongside relics from the Aztanti race. As part of the Eldrid faction, the Ekkuni dwarves work to preserve the world around them and in the universe in which they inhabit. Ekkunar is home to the Codex regrowth where seeds from the Codex are planted in an effort to regain lost knowledge. In Battleborn, these trees contain knowledge only the Eldrid can recover due to their unique technology.

The Ekkunar planet in Battleborn [Image via Gearbox Software]
The new information on Ekkunar accompanies the recent Eldrid faction overview also available on the official site. As previously mentioned, the inhabitants of Ekkunar are part of the Eldrid faction. This includes the Ekkuni dwarves, the race of the playable Battleborn character Boldur. The Eldrid faction in Battleborn consists of different cultures with one goal in mind. The Eldrid seek knowledge about nature and the universe. Eldrid people wish to keep the universe intact by continuing to abide by its natural order. The Eldrid faction will fight to protest these ideals, and it is home to many important characters in Battleborn lore.

As the Inquisitr reported, other playable characters belong to the Eldrid faction, too. Players have already been introduced to Boldur, Thorn, Miko, and Mellka during the first closed technical test. Boldur wields a shield to protect himself while throwing an axe about the battlefield. The Aelfrin from Varelsi, Thorn, uses a bow in combat while throwing Eldrid magic around the battlefield. Miko, on the other hand, chooses to deal damage to enemies with thrown daggers and aid allies with his healing magic. Mellka uses a gauntlet fused with her body to poison and defeat foes, and there is still one Eldrid playable character yet to be revealed.

Miko and Thorn in the heat of battle [Image via Gearbox Software]
The Eldrid faction in Battleborn is just one of five major factions in the game’s lore. The Last Light Consortium, also known as LCC, are an organized group of cybernetic entities seeking profit, while The Rogues are a collection of misfits just trying to survive. The United Peacekeeping Republic values freedom and equality over all else, especially after the LLC seceded from the group. Finally, the Jennerti Imperium remains a powerful military empire now aligned with the Varelsi. As the May release date approaches, players are bound to see more lore and background on each of the game’s factions and planets key to the background of many playable Battleborn characters.

[Image via Gearbox Software]

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