Kevin Havelow Allegedly Raped His Grandma Before Killing Her

Authorities in Pennsylvania have arrested 23-year-old Kevin Havelow after he allegedly committed a horrific crime against one of his family members. He reportedly raped and killed his own grandmother, and HLN News reports that the horrifying incident stemmed from an otherwise nonsensical argument.

The violent incident took place on January 19 in the home where the Pennsylvania man resided with his mother and grandmother. Authorities in Oxford say that Havelow was angry because he was not allowed to smoke marijuana in the house, and his mother wouldn’t let him have a friend stay the night.

The argument began with his mother, who quoted that she would “no longer put up with him bringing people over to the house at night.” Havelow reportedly declared that both his mother and grandmother were “preventing him from having a normal social life, including having a regular girlfriend and smoking marijuana in the house.” During the course of the argument, Kevin Havelow allegedly shoved his mother down to the ground and sexually assaulted her. She was able to get away while the man’s sister called 911.

Meanwhile, Havelow moved to a bedroom, where his grandmother was trying to sleep. He reportedly used multiple knives and stabbed the elderly woman more than 20 times in the chest, head, and stomach. He did this after raping her.

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan shared his sentiments on the case.

“This was a brutal attack. The family is traumatized.”

The New York Daily News reports that the Pennsylvania man has an apparent history of mental illness. His father has claimed that he left his family because the young man stopped taking medication for “something going on psychologically.” However, he has no known history of being a danger to others. Last month, he reportedly volunteered willingly to be placed into Brandywine Hospital, a psychiatric facility. He was reportedly threatening to harm himself.

The man accused of raping and killing his own grandmother has a lengthy criminal history, mostly consisting of traffic violations. The New York Daily News also points out that the man’s social media activity mostly involved posting misogynistic remarks about women, and sharing memes associated with ISIS and Islam.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case involving the rape of a family member to make media headlines. In 2011, a Florida man named Gerard Lopes admitted to raping and killing his adoptive mother. The woman was not only his adoptive mother, but his biological cousin, who adopted him when he was 9-years-old after a family tragedy. One night in July, 2011, he returned home from a party and then he raped the woman. After he raped her, he killed her by hitting her head on the floor repeatedly.

In the case of Kevin Havelow, he has been charged with first degree murder, attempted rape and other offenses associated with the incident which allegedly took place. He is currently being held by Chester County authorities without bond. It has not been reported on whether or not he is undergoing a mental evaluation to determine whether or not he is fit to stand trial.

[Photo by Chester County Police]

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