‘The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson Explains How The Conspiracy Theory Slant Was Too Risky After 9/11

The X-Files with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, premiered on Sunday night, quite literally with a bang. There were more explosions, better CG, and far more conspiracy theory references in Sunday’s premiere episode than ever before. In a few scenes, Fox Mulder seemed to be enumerating and validating all the conspiracy theories that have been going around for the last 15 years.

References to Current Events Make X-Files Conspiracy Arguments Seem Conceivable

During the premiere, The X-Files makes use of many current events to create a more frightening view of the Government. David Duchovny’s character explains, and the plot demonstrates, how the shadow of government is far bigger, scarier, and more obvious now than ever. Constant surveillance of citizens, and rapidly developing, perhaps alien, technology, have Fox Mulder spooked. As was common in the old X-Files, Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully, argues against the conspiracy theory point. In the end though we see an example of the government’s fire power. The new militarized police force, together with perhaps some real military and top secret weapons, create some monumental explosions. They kill, cause mass destruction, and thwart the spread of conspiracy theory with extreme measures.


Mars Colony Mentioned

In a classic X-Files style, Jillian Anderson as Scully, listens incredulously, while Fox (David Duchovny), dramatically explains a plot to destroy the earth, and leave poor and middle class inhabitants to struggle and die, while the rich escape to another planet. While this seems the most bizarre of the accusations, it echos actual plans to put a large colony on Mars, with a $.5 million per seat price tag. Universe Today has a very detailed article that explains terraform plans and bio-domes to be used on Mars. Using actual current events to lend truth to conspiracy theory, makes the plot seem real.

X-Files The Smoking Man
The Smoking Man, returns to X-Files, William B. Davis, is back, after 15 years to play the Smoking Man. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The X-Files Was Canceled After 9/11, But Now Producer Chris Carter Gets The Last Word

X-Files‘ Jillian Anderson revealed that the X-Files was canceled in 2001, when, in the wake of 9/11, even the edgy FOX network dared not continue a show based in Conspiracy Theory. In an interview The Daily Beast, Jillian explains how continuing with the X-Files became to risky and no longer OK.

“The X-Files ended during the Bush administration, and we learned very, very quickly after 9/11 that people couldn’t speak up openly in public about what they thought we should do, or shouldn’t be doing as the result. Most of our show up until that point was—and still is—about government conspiracies. There are conspiracies now about the government having known about or having caused [9/11], or about it being a ruse and an excuse for us to go into Iraq—but it became no longer OK for people to accuse government of being deceitful or untrustworthy. And that was the backbone of our show.”

The X-Files‘ Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Make Their Point After 15 Years

To make a point, and finally say what they have been holding back for 15 years, David Duchovny’s character Fox Mulder, makes his point clear in no uncertain terms.

“The government lies as a matter of policy.”

X Files Jillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Chris Carter
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny speak onstage during “The X-Files” panel discussion at FOX. (photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

More To The X-Files Than Conspiracy: Mild Spoilers And Synopsis Of Episodes

The entire series will not be about conspiracy theory though. FOX has released the synopsis for two more episodes. For those Anderson and Duchovny fans who love the supernatural episodes, there is plenty to look forward to. The second episode, “Founder’s Mutation” has mutants with super powers. The third episode is titled, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster.” The title speaks for itself.

Dates And Times

The first part of the premiere of The X-Files with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny aired Sunday after the final playoff games. Those who missed the first episode, can see it on Full TV Stream.net. Episode 2 will air on tonight, so be sure to tune in to FOX network and check your local listings for times. The show will air on the next four Monday nights consecutively, for a total of six episodes. Then a decision will be made as to whether to continue the series. Gillian and David are hoping the show will transition easily into the new century.

Fans young and old will be tuning in to see the return of the X-Files. It promises not to disappoint any of those fans with a mixture of underlying plot, campy monster episodes and plenty of conspiracy theories to make up for their 15-year absence. The X-Files‘ Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are finally back.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]