What Were These Military Planes Chasing In Bulgaria? Fighter Jets Seen Chasing ‘UFO’ In Mysterious Video

A video seems to show two military fighter jets chasing a UFO over Nova Zagora in Bulgaria. The video shows a disc-shaped object being tailed by the military aircraft in the sky. A Bulgarian UFO conspiracy theorist website uploaded the video which has since gone viral.

In the video uploaded by Portal 12, a silver disc-shaped object appears to be flying through the sky, followed by two military fighter jets in Nova Zagora, Bulgaria. The video description, which has been translated, notes that the warplanes were seen tailing the strangely shaped aircraft from behind. More surprising to those discussing the article was the fact that the incident took place in broad daylight with the “UFO” appearing to maintain normal speed despite the military presence.

UFO in Bulgaria
A photograph obtained by Portal 12 shows what may be a UFO hovering over Bulgaria. Witnesses claimed that the UFO was being tailed by military jets. [Image via Youtube/ Portal 12]
Witnesses on the scene at the time of the UFO sighting say that the disc-shaped object performed “spectacular” maneuvers in the sky, causing the military jets some difficulty in following the object. The video below, which was put together from information provided by Portal 12 to Secure Team 10, shows the encounter.

The Express UK reports that the aircraft were noted as flying “very low” above a number of villages in the area.

“The craft were flying at very low altitude in the area above the villages of Gaz, Zagortci, and Han Asparuhovo.”

Scott C Waring, editor of website UFO Sightings Daily, investigated the Bulgaria UFO story further and noted that the unidentified flying object was hovering over farm land and being followed by military aircraft. He noted that the military aircraft was likely there to assess and identify the aircraft and did not appear to have any mission involving the shooting down of the object. Instead, he claimed that the military jet was likely there reporting back to the main base about what he was witnessing regarding the identification of the UFO.

“The UFO seems to not be in any kind of hurry to move and the jet seems like its only there to identify the craft to those back at base. I don’t think any military will risk deliberately shooting at an alien craft.”

Though many UFO conspiracy theorists jumped on the Bulgaria UFO photos, many people noted that the images appeared to have been digitally altered.

UFO sightings
Many people are claiming that the UFO in the Portal 12 images was digitally added. [Image via Portal 12/ Youtube]
Still, others note that the UFO photos may not have been digitally altered, but do not show a UFO. One theory suggests the “military jet” is actually a crop dusting plane and the “UFO” is a bird distorted by angle. As the hypothesis notes, the UFO could be a “blurfo” or a bug or bird which is passing quickly by the video camera within the range of focal inability. This results in a distorted image that is sometimes mistaken for a UFO. Blurfos are allegedly responsible for many UFO sightings.

What do you think about the UFO photos and witness accounts of the strange happenings allegedly taking place over Nova Zagora in Bulgaria? What do you think the photos showed? Was the object a military aircraft that was being tested, a UFO, a crop dusting plane and optical illusion, or a digitally altered photograph created to mess with UFO conspiracy theorists?

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