Elderly Couple Wearing TV Headphones Didn’t Notice Their Home Was Being Robbed

A thief broke into the Texas home of a pair of senior citizens wearing television headphones and took advantage of their reduced hearing abilities to rob them of more than $20,000 worth of jewelry and cash. The couple did not hear the breaking glass which allowed the criminal to gain access to their home due to the tv headphones which allowed them to enjoy viewing a favorite television show, The New York Daily News reports. Tom and Peggy McElvoy were reportedly devastated by the loss of treasured items it took them a lifetime of hard work to accumulate.

The McElvoy’s did not realize they had been robbed until they attempted to enter their bedroom around midnight and discovered their door locked from the inside. After picking the lock to the bedroom, the senior citizens began the saddening task of tallying up their losses. The Mansfield, Texas thief even stole Peggy’s wedding band.

“Sixty years I’ve been buying presents for my wife. They took them all. I hope they have a pang of conscience some time in the life because I worked for what I got, they didn’t do a damn thing, Tom McElvoy, 79, told the local Texas television station CW33.

Although the retirees home came equipped with a security system, the couple had not activated it because the Mansfield area where they have lived for 32 years had felt safe. The McElvoy’s have been married for 59 years and lost a far more than trinkets of love and fine jewelry during the “headphones” robbery – the senior citizens also lost a sense of safety and security in their own home.