Is Louis Tomlinson Set To Be Fleeced By His Baby Mama?

Louis Tomlinson used social media platform Twitter yesterday to announce that he had become a dad. Louis is the first One Direction star to become a father and seemed delighted at the prospect. Tomlinson told his 21.3 million followers that he was “very happy” with the arrival of a healthy baby boy. Louis’ comments on Twitter are the first time that the 24-year-old has mentioned baby Tomlinson since his rather awkward statement on Good Morning America back in August.

Tomlinson’s fans were baffled by Louis’ silence on the matter, and his failure to ever speak Briana Jungwirth’s name publicly had fans scratching their heads. Even in Tomlinson’s message yesterday, he made no mention of Briana, not even to make the traditional comment “mother and baby are doing fine.” During Briana’s pregnancy, there was much speculation as to whether she was actually pregnant and whether or not Louis was, in fact, the father. It was recently reported here on the Inquisitr that Tomlinson’s silence may be because he is anticipating a legal battle with Jungwirth.

Sadly, press reports today indicate that Tomlinson may indeed be set for a court battle. According to the Sun, a source has told them that Jungwirth’s family are demanding child support amounting to a barely believable $12.5 million.

It seems that Jungwirth’s family believe that Louis should pay child support at around $58,000 a month until baby Tomlinson is 18-years-old. According to California law, where the parents of the child are, unmarried parentage must be established before any order for child support is made. This can be done by both parents signing a legal document, by an order of the court, or in the case of disputed parentage, by DNA testing.

It is not known if Tomlinson has voluntarily accepted parentage, but his making a public announcement may suggest that he will. It seems that Louis is keen to ensure that he is a hands-on dad and that he is keen to make an amicable arrangement with Briana over custody and child support.

According to the Mirror, the details have not yet been agreed upon, and it may not be a straightforward process.

“There’s already a lot of talk about who is going to pay what. The family have slightly exaggerated expectations of what Louis should be contributing every month.

“There will be little manoeuvring over final figures but negotiations on both sides are cordial and should be wrapped soon.”

Louis has been subjected to a number of scathing attacks by members of Briana’s extended family and friends. Her mom and stepdad, Tammy and Brett Clark, have been critical of Louis. They claim that Louis promised to buy Briana a house in California, but has only rented the property and decked it out with cheap furniture.

Family claims that Tomlinson has been anything less than generous seem more than a little harsh given that Louis has been paying Briana a monthly allowance and rented a house for her when he had no legal obligation to do so. Tomlinson is renowned as an incredibly generous young man, especially where children are concerned. It seems unlikely in the extreme that Louis would be anything less than generous where his own child is concerned.

The Sun has also reported that baby Tomlinson will be named Sydney Rain.

“Louis and Briana are yet to file a birth certificate but they’ve agreed on the name Sydney Rain. It will be rubber-stamped in the next five days. It’s not yet known whether the baby boy will take Briana’s surname or Tomlinson.”

These issues will need to be settled in the coming days as California law demands that Louis and Briana register the birth of their baby within 10 days. Typically, a DNA test takes around 3–5 days, so Louis could have test results confirming parentage before the birth is registered if he were so minded.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]