Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Continue To Frighten The Establishment

Bernie Sanders has gone from a candidate who nobody took seriously to a serious contender for the presidency. Just like Donald Trump, he has riled up the establishment. Many people are tired of a two party system that some people think fails to care about most citizens.

The New York Times describes Bernie’s victorious return to Iowa on Saturday.

“Mr. Sanders began his day in Davenport by speaking to more than 150 supporters who were headed out to canvass for him in the Quad Cities. He then hosted two town-hall-style meetings as well as a speech that was streamed live online. His message: Mrs. Clinton is getting nervous and so is Wall Street.”

Bernie Sanders Clinton
Bernie Sanders is catching up to Hillary Clinton. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
The article adds that Sanders said that Obama was attacked for everything, but people saw through those attacks, and the same type of attacks are going to be aimed at him. Sanders also noted that some of the attacks against him were supported by Wall Street donors, who can’t stand his attacks on Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders is rising in the Democratic polls and many believe that he could end up beating Hillary Clinton — something that seemed completely ridiculous just one month ago. According to Myrtle Beach Online, Sanders is rising in the Democratic polls for good reasons.

“Maybe it’s because Sanders represents many of the things we value in our country that so many conservative platforms eschew: acceptance, empathy, kindness, compassion, and reason, to list a few.”

The editorial goes on to note that while our fear and anger have produced people like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders is climbing the polls because of his commitments to civil rights, poverty, veteran rights, and immigration reform. Some may think Sanders is extreme in his agenda, but the same can be said about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Election
Donald Trump is so anti-establishment that some Republicans even fear him. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Speaking of Trump, he is very much like Sanders in that he is succeeding because he goes against the establishment. There are even conservatives afraid of Trump. The National Review, one of the biggest conservative magazines of the past 30 years, published 22 essays on why Trump should not be elected. One of their essays slammed the idea that a conservative had to support Trump because he is the front runner.

“I should be clear: I don’t think everyone who supports Donald Trump is dross. Some are even friends of mine. But I do think they, collectively, are wrong. But they are wrong for different reasons. Indeed, there’s a remarkable diversity of wrongness out there.”

The writer, Jonah Goldberg, adds that conservatives certainly have a right to be critical towards Trump, who could be giving them a bad reputation. The National Review has experienced quite a backlash on Twitter from conservatives.

The National Review isn’t affecting Trump too much. According to Talking Points Memo, he has a large lead in the Republican polls.

“Donald Trump still has a commanding lead in the Republican presidential primary with 34 percent support from Republican primary voters, according to a Fox News national poll released on Friday,” the article points out.

In the same poll, Senator Ted Cruz has 20 percent support while Senator Marco Rubio has 11 percent support. Support for Ben Carson and Jeb Bush is almost non-existent.

This year’s presidential election could very well be between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Do you think Sanders can beat Trump in a national election? Let us know in the comments section.

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