LuLaRoe Taking Country By Storm: ‘Butter Leggings’ Are Trademark

Katie Myers is a young mother who, after learning her son had spinal muscular atrophy, realized she needed to take drastic measures in order to be able to stay at home to care for his medical needs, but also needed to earn an income. She wasn’t sure where to turn, but had purchased some clothing from a friend who worked as a consultant for LuLaRoe and realized that since she genuinely loved the clothing, she could likely become a good consultant herself. She says she typically works 20-30 hours per week and could pull in $1000 to $3000 per “pop up” party, where people shop from the comfort of their own home, through Facebook groups. But, she said, it’s not for everyone, according to ABC Action News.

“You definitely need to be a go-getter. There isn’t someone waking you up everyday and telling you to set your goals and go after them. You’re the one who needs to do this every single day.”

LuLaRoe is a company that was borne from a woman’s need to be home herself with her children. The website claims that it’s entirely possible to reach your goals and also be with those you love at the same time.

“LuLaRoe exists to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing, and offering its consultants the independence to set their own pace and schedule. This creates the time to spend with those closest to them.”

The name LuLaRoe is a combination of the names Lucy, Lola, and Monroe, three of the founder’s granddaughters.

LuLaRoe’s basic clothing principles are fashionable, comfortable clothing that is fun and colorful. They are well known in womens’ circles and on social media for their “butter soft” leggings — leggings that are so warm, comfortable and thick, so as not to show undergarments, that women feel comfortable wearing them just about everywhere. Many women enjoy the sizing of LuLaRoe, as well. Making toddler to size 3x clothing, the clothing is rather forgiving, with “one size” leggings fitting women sized 0-12, and “tall and curvy” leggings fitting women sized 12-22. They also sell a top called “The Irma” (named after a designer’s wife) that is notoriously flattering on most body types, according to the women who buy the clothing.

And they certainly buy the clothing. In the past two months alone, LuLaRoe has experienced an explosion in demand and sales, earning more in the past two months than the entire previous year before it. If you’ve ever been to a “pop up” party, you know that the environment is filled with fun and excitement, and also a bit competitive — the clothes are all limited edition (only 1,000 of each size item in a particular pattern is made), so the first to type “Mine” or similar under the picture of the item is the one who will get the item. Black leggings and black Irma tops are in particularly high demand, and right now, for Valentine’s Day, a dozen different prints of valentine-themed leggings have gained popularity, particularly due to the “Mommy and Me” trend, which allows little girls and their moms to comfortably dress alike.

The clothes are known for their versatility, taking a woman comfortably from day to evening, with patterned pencil skirts called “the Cassie” or A-line dresses called “The Nicole.” All of their items are named after women the designer knows. The “Cassie” skirt can double as a scarf when not in use as a skirt, and some dress styles can double as tunic tops.

The signature leggings typically run for $25, but there are often incentives and give-aways during internet pop-up parties as well. “#HowIRoe” and similar hashtags are popular on Instagram and other social media, in which women post selfies of their LuLaRoe outfits.

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