Facebook Fires Yoga Instructor After She Bans Smartphones

MENLO PARK, CA — Yoga instructor Alice Van Ness has one major rule during her classes that all students turn off their cell phones. Apparent that policy was enough to get Van Ness fired from a weekly Yoga class at Facebook headquarters.

While teaching a class one student was spotted tapping away on their smartphone, after Van Ness shot the employee a nasty look she was relieved of her yoga instructing duties.

The 35-year-old yoga instructor was contracted out by a fitness coordinator who later told her that saying “no” to Facebook employees is never allowed.

Plus One Health Management wrote in her termination notice:

“We are in the business of providing great customer service. Unless a client requires us to specifically say no to something, we prefer to say yes whenever possible.”

Van Ness for her part won’t back down from her policy, telling the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Hello – this is only Facebook. We’re not talking about the U.S. government here. We’re not talking about Russia is about to bomb us. We’re talking about Facebook. Something can’t wait half an hour?”

The termination also cost the instructor her position at Cisco.

Facebook and Plus One Health have both refused to comment on the yoga instructors termination, although they hinted that her strict requirements within their office buildings were not appreciated.

While Ness never actually said anything to the Facebook employee who was using their cell phone she later wrote in a blog post:

“I’m sure my face said it all. Really? Your e-mail is more important than understanding your body? It’s more important than taking time for you? It’s more important than everyone else here?”

The identity of the tattle-tale Facebook employee has not been revealed.

So what exactly does Alice’s cat Veronica think about her termination? Here she is enjoying her mom’s termination papers:

Yoga teachers cat eats termination papers