Rush Limbaugh Claims GOP Insiders And ‘Establishment Types’ Are Backing Donald Trump Because They Hate Ted Cruz And Conservatism

For the 2016 presidential run, the Republican Party has plenty of nominees for conservatives to choose from for the candidacy. Some of the big names on the list include Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. However, the biggest name on the list, the one touching the hearts of many aggressive conservatives (especially the ones who identify themselves as Oath Keepers or Patriots) is Donald Trump.

To truly understand just how popular Trump is in the polls, live polling data provided by Real Clear Politics has him at 34.6 points out of all Republican candidates, which is almost twice as much as the runner-up, Ted Cruz, at 18.8 points. To be frank, Trump’s points are an accomplishment given the fact he is running against 10 (formerly 15) other nominees.

Despite his popularity, there are many in the GOP who oppose Donald Trump. One of them is Rush Limbaugh. He believes GOP insiders and “establishment types” have jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon because they hate Ted Cruz and conservatism.

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GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Charleston
Rush Limbaugh believes GOP insiders are supporting Donald Trump (left) because they hate Ted Cruz (right). He also think they support Trump because they can “strike deals” (GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Charleston).

Rush Limbaugh made his views of how GOP insiders and “establishment types” expressed their support for Donald Trump because they hate Ted Cruz and conservatism earlier this week, as reported by The Blaze. He opened up on the matter during his nationally syndicated radio program.

“All of a sudden these establishment types come out for Trump. And what it really signifies is their hatred for Ted Cruz. Folks, it’s the most incredible thing to sit here and watch all of this. They literally despise Ted Cruz. They are beside themselves with hatred for Ted Cruz that goes beyond the rational. Except it is rational if you understand the establishment’s absolute hatred and distaste for conservatism.”

Apparently, Rush Limbaugh believes there is another reason GOP insiders and the “establishment types” seem to be supporting Donald Trump. According to Newsmax, the other reason for support has a lot to do with business. They think they can strike deals with Trump, a billionaire businessman who has stayed on top of the economic food chain for decades.

“Make no mistake. If there is an establishment shift here to Trump, it is to cut Cruz off at the pass. They clearly think that they could make deals with Trump. If they look down the road and they see Trump as president, they think they’ll be able to go to Trump and make deals and agree with the Democrats and come up with compromises and so forth. But they are aware that no such deal-making that damages the country will occur with Ted Cruz. And so they are telegraphing their fears, letting it be known exactly where they come down on all this.”

It should be noted all of what Rush Limbaugh has said is merely his own opinion. Given he has not cited any sources revealing such is true or at least provide past examples of GOP insiders choosing one candidate because they hate the other as well as for striking deals, we can only take Limbaugh’s words with a grain of salt.

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