The 8 Scary Movies You Should Watch While Snowed In

Scary movies may not be quite as scary as the snowstorm reports currently filtering through much of the nation, per Mediaite, but they are certainly good ways to keep yourself occupied until the roads are safe enough to go get supplies.

If you’re wondering which scary movies you should watch in the midst of a whiteout, the Inquisitr is here to help. Here are eight of the best and brightest set during the blizzard season.

NOTE: These are horror films, so just assume any clips below are NSFW.

The Thing (1981)

The Thing is proof that remakes don’t have to be terrible. In fact, many critics agree that it’s the best of the three filmed takes on the short story, “Who Goes There?” This was director John Carpenter at his wildest and most creative and star Kurt Russell at his most Snake Plissken-esque (outside of an actual Escape film).

The FX to this one predate CGI, and they are far more effective. The one likely to haunt your dreams most of all is the spider-head. Regular viewers of this one know what that means; for the rest of you, brace yourself.

30 Days of Night (2007)

The sun disappears for 30 days in Alaska, leaving a large group of hungry vampires to feed on the humans left behind. A small town sheriff and his force are the only hope of survival. Good acting, stellar direction, and gory bloodbaths ensue.

Cold Prey (2006)

This foreign language slasher film may not be great if you’ve got something against subtitles, but it has enough suspense, scares, and slaughter to please the horror fans.

Dead Snow (2009)

This popular zombie thriller spawned a sequel five years later. It plays like the classic 1970s zombie film, Shock Waves, what with undead Nazis, but it’s a lot bloodier.

Iced (1988)

Largely forgotten slasher film — mostly because it was made at the tail end of the ’80s when these types of movies had fallen out of favor. It also happens to be one of the better entries in the sub-genre. There are no big names hiding on the cast list, but the scares (and kills) are well-orchestrated and the madman behind them is creepy enough to warrant a sequel (which he did not get).

Misery (1990)

James Caan is terrorized by Kathy Bates in this adaptation of Stephen King’s popular novel of suspense. She’s a crazy fan, who takes him in after a car accident leaves him hobbled and on the verge of death in a snowstorm.

Bates is utterly crazy in this flick, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded her for it with a Best Supporting Actress win.

The Shining (1980)

Scary movies don’t get much scarier than Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of King’s book. While the author hated the movie, history didn’t agree. It tops many “best horror movies” lists and remains one of the best-reviewed films created from King’s work.

Jack Nicholson is at his most unhinged as troubled father Jack Torrance, who lets the murderous history of the hotel where he is caretaker consume him.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Pure schlocky fun (and currently out-of-season), the original Silent Night, Deadly Night is perhaps the meanest spirited of the Killer Santa movies. Children of the ’80s, if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least give a look to the toy store sequence. As nostalgic as it gets!

So there you have it, readers.

If you anticipate being stuck in a snowstorm this weekend, and you are wondering what scary movies to watch that will go along with the mood, pick one of the above. And while you’re at it, if there are any not included, share your picks in the comments section above.

[Image via The Shining screen grab]

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