Body Of Bobbie Maples Believed Found After Over A Year Missing

The search for missing woman Bobbie Maples may be over, after police have reportedly been led to a body. The Daily Reporter reports that police in Muskegon, Michigan, received a tip, which led them to the discovery in a rural area outside of Muskegon County. This news comes after the woman vanished over a year ago. So what happened to the woman after she vanished, leading to this heartbreaking discovery?

When Bobbie Maples disappeared, she had just become a mother. She gave birth to a baby girl less than two weeks before her mysterious disappearance, after routinely visiting the newborn, who was not ready to leave the hospital. The missing woman’s mother was immediately suspicious of her disappearance, citing numerous times in the media that Bobbie would not have left behind her newborn daughter.

Authorities have notoriously been quiet about the investigation behind the disappearance of Bobbie Maples. According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, Bobbie was last seen by a friend on December 14, 2014. Numerous reports have indicated that she was last seen getting into a van in Muskegon, but she has not been seen since this day — and no reports have indicated that any evidence has ever been found in her case.

Wood TV News reports that the body was found buried on a property in Fruitland Township. The property is privately owned, and authorities are not sure at this time if the property owner is involved with the death of Bobbie Maples.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and of right now we will not have confirmation if the body found is Bobbie until next week sometime when DNA is back.

Posted by Help Find Bobbie Maples on Saturday, January 23, 2016

A suspect is also in custody regarding the disappearance of Bobbie Maples. The unidentified suspect is in custody on unrelated charges, but has been suspected in Bobbie’s disappearance since early on in her case. Authorities have confirmed that the man is one of many suspects that have been considered in this strange disappearance.

Bobbie’s mom has been her champion since her 2014 disappearance, and has been taking care of the daughter that she left behind. While mainstream media sources have rarely covered details in the case of Bobbie Maples, her mother has actively posted on social media in hopes of attracting attention to her disappearance. She has long-believed that Bobbie did not voluntarily leave behind her newborn daughter, whom she’d been visiting at the hospital regularly before disappearing.

As of now, the identity of the body found by authorities has not been confirmed — even though they strongly believe the body to belong to Bobbie. That’s because the discovery was made directly related to a tip they had received through an unidentified source. Whether or not the source of the tip is one of their suspects in her disappearance remains to be seen.

An autopsy is going to be conducted, along with a positive identification. The results aren’t expected to be revealed to the public until Monday. In the meantime, if you have any information that could prove useful in the investigation behind the disappearance of Bobbie Maples, you are encouraged to contact the Michigan State Police.

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