‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller ‘Abandons’ ALDC, Fights Producers In Episode 4 [Video]

Abby Lee Miller may be leaving Dance Moms Season 6 for good. In the latest promo for Episode 4, fans saw the ALDC coach tearfully talking to her lawyer about her fraud charges.

The official synopsis for Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 4, titled “Now You See Abby, Now You Don’t,” revealed that Miller will be making an “announcement that would tear the team apart.” Many speculated that it had something to do with the legal issues she is currently facing.

In December, Deadline reported that after pleading not guilty to bankruptcy fraud filed against her, Abby Lee Miller asked for more time to prepare for her trial. A federal jury indicted Miller for allegedly hiding more than $755,00 in earnings from the Lifetime series and placing it in a secret bank account. If convicted, the ALDC coach will face five years in prison and $5 million in fines.

Miller admitted that there is a possibility that she may be leaving Dance Moms after Season 6. This, however, has allegedly nothing to do with her fraud charges. The ALDC coach explained that the producers had been pushing for several “cockamamie ideas.”

“When a grown man tells me he wants one of my kids to portray a pregnant teen and wear a baby bump — I have to put my foot down.”

Abby Lee Miller added that she is willing to risk her career for the girls. She said that she is prepared to do anything to protect the ALDC, adding that her goal is not only to turn them into better dancers, but as better individuals. If the producers of Dance Moms insist to go against what she believed in come season 6, Miller said that she is willing to face the consequences.

In the teaser for Episode 4, Miller was seen tearfully talking to her lawyer on how she dedicated five years of her turning her students into stars. Many speculated that this could mean that Abby’s days in Dance Moms are numbered.

The moms seemed to have lost faith on Miller. While some may try to console her, the ALDC coach just drove them away, which pissed them even more. The moms said that Abby needed to learn to shut up, adding that they wanted to punch her. Holly Frazier, Nia’s mom, bluntly held that she lost all confidence on the coach.

“I don’t know what to expect from Abby but I’m not expecting the best.”

Abby Lee Miller also had to miss the Dream National Dance Competition in Santa Monica, California to the disappointment of her Dance Moms co-stars. Season 6 spoilers suggest that both the original ALDC team and the minis competed. The teen dancers won first place overall while the minis placed first in their division.

Meanwhile, Maddie Ziegler placed second, in overall and in the teen division, for her solo performance, titled “Bond Girl.” Bryn Rumfallo snagged first place and fourth place in the junior division and overall, respectively for her solo performance of “She’s Magic.”

According to International Business Times, although Ziegler was able to snag second place overall, it may not be enough for Abby. The outlet held that the coach believed that second place only meant “the first to lose.” Given that Maddie has always been one of her favorite students, the pressure to perform better than the rest has always been there.

In December, Us Weekly confirmed that Maddie Ziegler is no longer returning to Dance Moms after Season 6. The 13-year-old reportedly has “outgrown” the reality series and wanted to focus on her acting career. With Ziegler leaving and Miller’s charges, many cannot help but wonder if the show is about to come to an end.

Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 4, “Now You See Abby, Now You DoAn’t,” airs Tuesday, January 26 on Lifetime.

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