Louis Tomlinson Welcomes Baby Son Jacob Amid Rumors One Direction ‘History’ Will Drop Soon

Louis Tomlinson has finally spoken out about fatherhood, confirming that his baby boy has arrived.

In a development that One Direction “Larry “shippers will no doubt argue away with a few new twists to their theory (eg. Louis’ account is probably controlled by someone from Modest Management) the star spoke out on Twitter with some cute messages and his customary light peppering of emojis.

The tot was born yesterday and is “healthy and pretty amazing,” according to the sexy One Direction star. Louis added a playful “Daddy daddy cool” message with some music and headphone emojis — probably a reference to the 1976 Boney M. song “Daddy Cool.”

Louis Tomlinson will be a great father, as fans know. The star has donated huge sums of money to children’s charities, including “Believe In Magic,” and has been captured on camera countless times sharing tender moments with his own young siblings.



Some info about the baby boy’s name has even surfaced — the child will be called Jacob.


The confirmation of the “Tomlinson” surname was also important. Louis was born Louis Troy Austin, but eventually took the name Tomlinson after his stepfather. Some fans wondered if the 1D tot would also take the Tomlinson name, or if he would revert to Austin, or even take Deakin, the new surname of Louis Tomlinson’s mother Johannah.

Louis is managing fatherhood well already — he even tipped off ex Eleanor Calder that his son was about to arrive, so she would be prepared for the media storm and the likely flood of reporters calling her for comments or reactions.


Louis’ mother Johannah, who is thought to have been present at the birth, also made a reference of sorts to her new grandson on Twitter. Johannah did not write her own message, but she did retweet Louis’ “daddy cool” tweet, implying that she agrees that her hunky tattooed son will be a cool dad.


In other One Direction news, Simon Cowell has revealed that he has seen the video for One Direction’s “History” single. The music manager and critical X Factor judge revealed that he felt emotional as he watched it.


Simon even thinks that the “History” video will cause a resurgence of interest in the Made In The A.M. album, which is doing pretty well in the charts as it stands.





1D-lovers are now even more eager to see the “History” video, though many are anticipating that it will turn them into emotional wrecks.

Some people believe that the “History” video could drop tonight, or in the next couple of days. Coupled with Louis’ Twitter announcement about his fatherhood, that would make this an exciting time for One Direction indeed.

Will “History” drop soon?

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]