Rudy Guede Insists Amanda Knox Was At The Brutal Murder Scene Of Meredith Kercher [Report]

The murder of Meredith Kercher is puzzling even after the acquittal of Amanda Knox. Now, Rudy Guede — who is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for Kercher’s murder — in an interview for Italian television openly spoke about his past, about his relationship with the 21-year-old British student, and the horrific events that transpired the night of the murder.

Guede has so far not publicly talked about the details, but on Thursday, he broke his silence and insisted that Amanda Knox was at the scene of the crime on the night of the murder, NBC News reports. Rudy Guede was convicted for his involvement in the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, after police found his DNA on her body and his bloody footprint at the scene.

Guede, who was a known drug-dealer, was shown in a completely different light than in the past eight years. In the interview, he maintained his innocence and put the blame for the murder on Knox.

In his recount of the events, Guede told the interviewer how he was making out with Kercher in the apartment when he suddenly had to use the bathroom.

“While I was doing that I heard the bell ring,” Guede explained. “Meredith opened the door, and I heard the voice of Amanda Knox coming into the house. They started arguing. Earlier on Meredith complained about her stealing money, so I didn’t worry too much, and remained in the bathroom.”

Guede was then asked whether he was sure that it was Knox’s voice he heard in the apartment.

“Yes, I clearly recognized her voice, 101 percent.”

Guede’s allegations come months after Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, ended a seven-year legal battle against Italian prosecutors who argued that the couple had killed Kercher after a sex game went wrong, New York Daily News wrote

As reported by the Daily Beast, Guede’s story wasn’t very convincing and there were many inconsistencies in what he said during the interrogations that led to his conviction.

Rudy Guede reiterated his original story of being invited over to Kercher’s place after the two exchanged a kiss on a club dance floor. He says he arrived to her apartment on Nov. 1, 2007, and the two engaged in foreplay but didn’t have intercourse because they did not have a condom.

He says that he went to the bathroom and this is when he heard “a scream so loud” that it drowned out the music that was playing on his iPod.

“When I got out the lights were all off apart from Meredith’s bedroom,” he said. “I saw the silhouette of a man in front of her door.”

He said the man and Knox ran off after they realized there was someone else in the apartment.

“At that moment I see Meredith on the ground and an abundance of blood. I go to the bathroom and take a towel and try to staunch the wound in the neck. I take another and then another….It was heartbreaking that moment, you try to do the best….she was trying to tell me something. I wrote in blood on the wall to even understand…. fear overwhelmed me.”

Guede says that rather than call for help, he was terrified so he fled the scene because he”was afraid they would not believe me.” Authorities later found him in Germany, and he was extradited back to Italy to stand trial.

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