Mariah Carey’s $10 Million Engagement Ring Is Bigger Than Kim Kardashian’s And Beyonce’s Combined

You had to know that when Mariah Carey got engaged to billionaire James Packer, Mariah’s engagement ring would be “blinding.” Carey’s ring is so big, weighing in at “well over 20 carats,” that some people are calling the giant gem the “Holy Grail of engagement rings.” All eyes are on the enormous rock, and of course Mariah loves flashing it for everyone to “be completely blinded” when they look at it.

Carey, 45, and Packer, 47, announced their engagement on January 21, and soon afterwards, Mariah was having a great time showing off the bling. Mariah and James were spotted out in NYC shortly after he “popped the question,” and she was “rocking” the “massive” ring. TMZ included some close-ups of Mariah’s engagement ring when they broke the news of wedding bells for Mariah and James.

Both Carey and Packer clearly “couldn’t be happier,” and are loving the response to their love story. The two have only been a couple for a short while, but since their first dates in June, 2015, the relationship quickly “heated up. ” After the singer spent “several consecutive weeks” on a yacht with the Australian billionaire, fans thought the romance showed every sign of becoming permanent.

The emerald-cut sparkler on Mariah’s ring finger has made it clear that Mariah and James agree. The “stunning stone” is so big that it “reaches her knuckle” and actually weighs 35 carats, not the initially estimated “over 20 carats.” That is definitely one blinding diamond! Hollywood Life got some inside diamond scoop from celebrity jeweler Shari Fabrikant, who works at Robert Fabrikant Inc. in NYC.

“What makes this stone SO special is the way that it is cut. It is just so beautiful and graceful. It is so brilliant and dynamic. It looks like it is top quality, probably a D Flawless stone.”

Fabrikant estimated that Mariah’s engagement ring would have cost James at least $8,000,000, and possibly as much as $10,000,000. A Ritani spokesperson, Mark Keeney, added his take on the sumptuous engagement jewelry. He called the ring “impressive” and said it was a “flawless” diamond that put him in mind of rings from the days of Elizabeth Taylor, known for her “statement piece” jewelry.

Celebuzz reports that Mariah’s incredible ring is actually so huge that it’s bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ring and Beyonce’s ring put together!

As a way to make the ring, and the engagement, extra special for Mariah, Packer ordered the ring from her close friend, jewelry designer Wilfredo Rosado. Wilfredo spoke with Vogue magazine and described some of the creative process, and Packer’s ideas for the special symbol of his love for Mariah. He said the ring had to be completed very quickly, in two weeks of “12 hour days,” and the designer consulted with Packer “three different times” as he worked to make the ring perfect.

“He wanted to create something very rare and very beautiful around this diamond he chose, and I followed his lead.”

The ring includes a space inside for James to add an engraving for Mariah.

Both Carey and Packer have been married twice before, and they both have children from their previous marriages. Carey has two children with her second husband, Nick Cannon, and Packer has three children already. TMZ suggests that the blended Carey-Packer family will be “a celebrity Brady Bunch situation,” and wonders if the “third time just might be the charm for both of them.”

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]