Shia LaBeouf’s Time is Here

Shia LaBeouf has made his way onto GQ, where he’s managed to look hot (see above) and redeem himself for all his bad-boy ways. Well, he managed to kind of get around all the legal rumors and tell us that he also takes care of his parents and that they can just “create art for the rest of their days.”

Shia also recently worked his way into our graces after this week’s appearance on The Late Show. I think he was supposed to be talking about Indiana Jones, but he was too busy talking about his drug store escapade and even dropping the term “doo-doo crayon.” Yes, he said it.

It’s good that he can make light of these situations. Talk about living up your worst moments and spinning them to head in a positive direction! Should his career flounder, I sense a lucrative PR position with his name on it.

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