Next ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Update Won’t Include New Maps

Will the January update for Star Wars: Battlefront have new maps or not? That’s the question fans of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter are asking following a leaked video from EA Brazil. A DICE developer gave the final word on Friday, and it is on the negatory side.

The hub bub about the next Star Wars: Battlefront update started with an EA Brazil community video that was released early and then pulled. WCCFTech and Reddit user Exsound translated the video to reveal a new map set is coming in the free January patch with other items.

According to the video, a new set of maps located on Tatooine was planned along with free additional outfits for Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Presumably, the new clothes are based on A New Hope or Empire the Strikes Back for Luke and Return of the Jedi for Leia.

Additionally, new features were mentioned as being added to Star Wars: Battlefront. These include the ability to create private matches along with new Daily Challenges and Special Community Events.

Star Wars: Battlefront - Walker Assault Hot (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
[Image via Star Wars: Battlefront]

Unfortunately, the video released by EA Brazil contained “some misinformation,” according to DICE Lead Lighting Artist Oscar Carlen.

“Sorry, but the January update does not contain a new map,” Carlen told fans on Twitter.

How can he be so sure there are no new maps in the next Battlefront update? He would now since he explained that he is still polishing them.

“There was some misinformation so it was taken down,” Carlen said of the EA Brazil video. “It is still a great patch, I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

“It’s heartbreaking to see fans setting themselves up to be disappointed when we work so hard to make you happy,” he continued.

“January patch hype is strong. Manage your expectations please!” he later added.

Star Wars: Battlefront - The Battle of Jakku (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
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There is still no official word from DICE or Electronic Arts about the January update for Star Wars: Battlefront. There is only one work week left before the end of the month, which means an announcement and release will happen near simultaneously if the update hits as scheduled.

Meanwhile, Carlen’s knockdown of new maps in the upcoming update only referred to the new maps. That still gives hope for new outfits for Luke and Leia along with support for private matches, new Daily Challenges, and Special Community Events.

The Battle of Jakku was the first free DLC released for Star Wars: Battlefront this past December. The Force Awakens tie-in added two maps set on the planet of Jakku along with the new “Turning Point” 40-player mode.

Meanwhile, details about paid DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront is still of the high-level overview variety. As previously covered by the Inquisitr, EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund confirmed the game will have free DLC in the works in addition to the paid DLC supported by a $50 Season Pass.

“We are also planning to support Star Wars Battlefront with new content well into the future. We will be adding more of what you love about the game, like new maps and Star Cards, for free in the coming months, in addition to all of the content we have coming with Season Pass. We’ll have more to share soon,” Söderlund explained in a press release touting the game’s sales in the first week.

Plans for the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass have already been laid out, as previously reported. The $50 pass includes the following.

  • 4 expansion packs
  • 16 additional multiplayer maps featuring new locations
  • 4 new game modes
  • 4 more heroes and villains
  • Over 20 new pieces of “galactic tech,” including weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards

[Image via DICE/EA]

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