‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Reports Of Cancer Scammer Brooks Ayers Tell-All

In an effort to improve his public image, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Brooks Ayers is gearing up for a tell-all book that will reveal everything that went down in the last season of the reality show. Considering her involvement with Ayers last season, Vicki Gunvalson has officially responded to the news of Ayers’ book.

According to Us Magazine, Gunvalson has no concerns about what Ayers might reveal in his upcoming book, and for good reason. Apparently, Ayers is legally bound on what he can and cannot say about his former girlfriend.

“Vicki is not at all concerned about her former boyfriend writing a book,” Gunvalson’s statement explained. “He can write whatever he wants except he cannot write about Vicki, her career, family or anything else concerning her. Vicki long ago had the boyfriend sign a fiercely written and executed confidentiality agreement. He cannot write about her at all. That was signed in the very beginning [of their relationship].”

As fans will recall, Ayers was at the center of controversy during the last season of RHOC over allegations that he was lying about having cancer. The accusations were so strong that Gunvalson was forced to take sides with Ayers despite many of her co-stars doubting his story.

Brooks and Vicki appeared on multiple season of the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' together. [Image via Bravo]

By the end of the season, evidence was produced that Ayers was lying about receiving treatment for cancer. In fact, Ayers himself admitted to forging documents in order to prove he has cancer. Now, months after the end of the season and his break up with Gunvalson, Ayers told Page Six that he has been writing down everything that happened behind the scenes.

With Vicki Gunvalson’s role in the cancer scandal still unknown, Ayers’ book could potentially be damaging to the reality star. However, considering the legal protection afforded her, it now appears as though Gunvalson is in the clear.

Meanwhile, speaking of her legal ties with Ayers, OK! Magazine is reporting that Gunvalson recently scored a legal victory over Ayers. In fact, a judge recently ruled that Ayers must hand over $132,000 in legal fees that were originally awarded to him in his court case against Robert Williamson.

Williamson is an ex-business partner with Gunvalson and Ayers, who accused the two of scamming him out of a portion of their business. However, citing a lack of evidence, the courts ruled in favor of Ayers and ordered Williamson to pay off his court dues.

Vicki is still trying to mend her friendships with her costars after all the Brooks drama. [Image via Bravo]

In celebration of her victories, Gunvalson spent the weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Gunvalson even posted a few pics on Instagram of her short getaway.

While Gunvalson is currently celebrating her wins, Ayers is still planning on publishing his own version of the story. According to Christian Today, the former reality star revealed how producers manipulated him in order to stir up drama on the show.

“They basically pitched me as this poor guy from Mississippi preying on a vulnerable, successful, self-made woman,” Ayers shared. “Who in their right mind would fake cancer?”

Although Ayers is clearly aiming his criticism at the show, he added that he hopes nothing but the best for Gunvalson. In fact, Ayers admitted that he is not writing his book in order to get back at Gunvalson. Instead, his main motivation is to repair his now-damaged public image and tell fans the truth behind his controversial time on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

At this time, a publisher has yet to officially pick up Ayers’ book. However, given his connection to the hit reality series and what he plans to dish out, it won’t be long before somebody offers him a contract to write his tell-all.

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[Image via Bravo]