Miley Cyrus’ ‘Hannah Montana’ Co-Star Hints At Reunion

Miley Cyrus may have totally transformed since she shot to fame in the Disney Channel, but could she be gearing up to reminisce about her days on Hannah Montana?

Just days after the cast of High School Musical reunited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first broadcast of Disney Channel Original Movie, Miley Cyrus’ former Hannah Montana co-star appears to be hinting that the alter-ego Disney series could well be next to get the nostalgia treatment.

The rumors began to swirl that the hit may be in line for a reunion when Twitter user @ErykaSchwar noticed that March 24 marks the 10 years since the premiere episode of Cyrus’s popular tween show first aired on the Disney Channel. The eagle-eyed fan tweeted, “March 24, 2006 was the first episode of Hannah Montana. There better be a 10 year reunion,” tagging the show’s main stars Miley Cyrus, Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment.

But while Miley didn’t respond to the hopeful tweet, Osment quickly replied by claiming that she’s be “down” to get back together with Cyrus and the rest of her former Hannah Montana cast mates to celebrate a whole decade since the show hit the Disney Channel.

Though the Mouse House have neither confirmed nor denied that there’s a Miley Cyrus reunion brewing between the actress and her former co-stars Emily and Mitchel, that certainly didn’t stop Osment’s teaser tweet from getting fans into a bit of a frenzy online.

“It’s gonna be 10 years in March since the first episode of Hannah Montana came out, praying for a 10yr reunion for that too [sic],” Twitter user @heykaitlyn tweeted, while @kissingjai wrote, “EMILY OSMENT SAID SHE WANTS TO DO A HANNAH MONTANA 10 YEAR REUNION GUYS I AM NOT OKAY [sic].”

But the real question is, would Miley Cyrus (AKA Hanna Montana/Miley Stewart herself) be open to a big reunion with her former co-stars, which would also include her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus?

Though Miley has kept pretty quiet about her days playing the Disney Channel darling with a pop star alter ego since she became something of a Hollywood wild child, Cyrus did reveal in February 2015 that she’d actually be open to bringing Hannah Montana back to our screens… on one pretty major condition.

“I don’t know,” Miley told E! News about whether or not she’d actually be open to the idea of a Hannah Montana reuinion hitting screens sometime in the future, before adding, “Only if she, like, has an alter ego and is actually me. Reverse it all the way around.”

???????? I miss the old Miley lol lol lol lol lol ???????? #nofilter #prefilter #posttan

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But while it sounds like Miley may be just a little open to reminiscing about her days on the Disney Channel, her reprise remarks came just months after she claimed that her former character had “been murdered” during a 2013 appearance on the long running late night sketch show Saturday Night Live.

“We’re not doing anything on Hannah Montana tonight but I can give you an update on what happened to her,” Cyrus said during her pretty risqué SNL opening monologue, before telling the audience that her beloved Disney character “was murdered.”

Miley Cyrus also made a pretty similar remark to her godmother and legendary country star Dolly Parton during her time on the show, which the “Her You Come Again” singer confirmed during a 2014 interview with The Sun.

“One day she’d had enough and told me: ‘I need to murder Hannah Montana in order for people to accept who I really am,'” Dolly told The Sun of Cyrus’s attempts to rid herself of her squeaky clean persona. “I think [Miley] felt she had to make that severe a change. And she obviously did.”

Would you like to see Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment team-up again for a Hannah Montana reunion?

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