‘American Pie’ Singer Don McLean ‘Was Unfathomably Deep And Very Scary,’ Says Wife

Don McLean, the musician best known for his “American Pie” song, has been issued a restraining order, which temporarily provides wife Patricia McLean protection, following a domestic violence incident that occurred in the couple’s Maine home, early Sunday morning. Papers filed with Rockland District Court by Ms. McLean cite over 30 years of abuse at the hands of the musician. Statements filed by Patricia allege that Don has a violent temper and has subjected her to verbal and physical abuse for three decades.

After Three Decades, Patricia Finally Calls 911 On Her Husband

American Pie Songwriter #DonMcLean Arrested on Domestic Violence

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“For the first 10 years or so his rage was unfathomably deep and very scary,” Ms. McLean wrote in a statement as a part of the protection order. “On January 17th, Don terrorized me for four hours until the 911 call that I think might have saved my life.”

Patricia says that the abuse she suffered from Don often left her battered and bruised, but Mr. McLean was even more enraged than usual this past Sunday. She adds that she was afraid for her life at the time she made the 911 call. During the four hours of abuse, Ms. McLean says her husband threatened to strangle her and pressed his thumbs on her temples so hard that they still ache.

Patricia cites past threats in which Don threatened to shoot her.

“If I have a stroke (over my leaving him), I will get my gun and kill you.”

Don McLean Responds To His Wife’s Allegations Of Abuse

The “American Pie” singer wasn’t without words of his own. Mr. McLean issued a statement to his social media followers that his family has been going through emotional hardships over the past year and that things have gotten worse in recent weeks. He adds that what the public is witnessing is the “breakdown of a 30 year relationship” that has resulted in broken hearts.

“There are no winners or losers but I am not a villain. I may never recover from this but I will try and hope to continue to entertain you all as I always have,” Don McLean wrote in his public statement. “I ask God to give us the strength to find new happiness and I hope people will realize that this will all be resolved but I hope I will not be judged in this frantic media environment.”

Mr. McLean was released on bail without yet having to submit a plea, although he is due back in court to answer to the charges on February 22. Walter McKee, attorney for McLean, stated that the musician will plead not guilty, when he does return to court. As far as Patricia McLean’s accusations of abuse, McKee said that his client “vigorously denies” all claims of domestic violence and abuse.

The attorney added that Don’s arrest was solely based on statements submitted by Patricia, with no physical evidence to back her story. He added that Mr. McLean will make his side of the story known, upon returning to court, which will clear up any misunderstanding that he had engaged in any criminal behavior over this past weekend.

While Mr. McLean is certainly entitled to defend himself and tell his side of the story, there is the question of whether or not Patricia endured 30 years of abuse at his hands without some proof. If things have happened as she asserts in her statements to the court, there are surely medical reports and witnesses to back up her claims. How will the “American Pie” singer respond when he is faced with these documents and testimonies? McLean says that he is not a villain. That may be true, but it’s also possible that he’s no angel.

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