‘Amanda Knox Was There!’ Rudy Guede, Convicted Meredith Kercher Killer, Declares In First Interview

Amanda Knox was definitely in the small apartment where British student Meredith Kercher was murdered in 2007, and she was there while Kercher was being killed, her throat slit — at least that’s the claim made by the only person definitively convicted of Kercher’s killing, the now-30-year-old Ivory Coast native Rudy Guede made the claim in his first media interview since he was incarcerated for the crime in 2008.

Guede was interviewed on the popular Italian TV program Maledette StorieCursed Stories — a true crime documentary show that airs weekly on Thursdays on Italian television.

The then-20-year-old Guede said that he met Kercher, a 21-year-old student from London who was in Italy studying at the University of Perugia, at nightclub on October 31, 2007, where the two kissed on the dance floor. Kercher invited him to come to her apartment — the apartment she shared with roommate Amanda Knox — the following night.

Amanda Knox Rudy Guede
Rudy Guede in 2009 (Photo By Stefano Medici/Associated Press)

According to a Daily Beast account, Guede said in the interview that he showed up and, after hanging out and talking — including listening to Kercher complain about her annoying roommate Knox, whom she described as a slob — the pair began making out. But they did not have sex, Guede claimed in the interview, because neither had any form of contraception.

Guede excused himself to use the bathroom and was in there listening to music through headphones, he claimed in the interview, when he heard a blood-curdling scream.

He said that before the scream, despite wearing his headphones, he heard a voice he recognized as belonging to Amanda Knox, whom he knew from a local bar where she worked.

“I am 101 percent certain Amanda Knox was there,” Guede told the Cursed Stories program.

Guede also maintained his own innocence of the murder that has seen him confined to prison for the past eight years, saying, “justice for Meredith has not been done,” according to a report in Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

Amanda Knox was convicted of killing Meredith Kercher and spent four years in prison, only to be tried again and acquitted. But Italian authorities tried her again — unlike in the United States, the Italian justice system has no prohibition against double jeopardy — and convicted her a second time.

In 2015, that second guilty verdict was thrown out by Italy’s highest court, closing the case against Amanda Knox once and for all.

But Guede now claims that Knox was indeed present when Kercher was murdered — along with a man whom Guede refused to name in the interview.

Amanda Knox Meredith Kercher
Meredith Kercher [Photo via Italian Police]
Knox’s then-boyfriend Rafael Sollecito had threatened to sue Guede if the convict named him in the interview, but the mystery man described by Guede fits the characteristics attributed to Sollecito in court documents.

He said that the man who appears to be Sollecito rushed Amana Knox out of the apartment when he saw that Guede had “discovered” them.

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Guede in his interview also described a horrifying scene after the man and Knox had departed, as he attempted to help the dying, blood-soaked Kercher, for some reason writing in her blood on the wall of the apartment.

“I see Meredith on the ground and an abundance of blood. I go to the bathroom and take a towel and try to staunch the wound in the neck,” Guede told Cursed Stories. “I take another and then another. It was heartbreaking that moment, you try to do the best. She was trying to tell me something. I wrote in blood on the wall to even understand. Fear overwhelmed me.”

Guede, by his own account, then fled the apartment. He was arrested in Germany about a week later.

Curiously, Rudy Guede claimed in the interview that Meredith Kercher was fully clothed when he left the premises. But the young student was found partially nude, her bra having been cut off her body and left on the floor along with her jeans and underwear. Italian prosecutors claimed that Amanda Knox and Rafael Sollecito murdered Kercher in the midst of a perverse, violent sexual game that went too far.

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