Bizarre Gay Exorcism: Church Casts “Homosexual Demons” from Boy (VIDEO)

It is almost too bizarre and disturbing to know that this sort of thing goes on in North America in modern times. A Connecticut Church, Manifested Glory Ministries, posted a video on Youtube of what can only be described as a gay exorcism. The video drew massive outrage on the site and was quickly removed, but not before someone recorded a partial copy (see below).

A 16 year old boy, allegedly gay, appears in the video with members of the church and congregation and you can hear people yelling as they try to cast homosexual demons from the boy’s body.

“Rip it from his throat! Come on, you homosexual demon! You homosexual spirit, we call you out right now! Loose your grip, Lucifer!” – one woman can be heard yelling.

During the original video, the boy was shown vomiting into a bag and appeard to be under a tremendous amount of mental and physical stress, bordering on shock.

The Associated Press got an interview with the minister at the church, Rev. Patricia McKinney, and she stated: “We believe a man should be with a woman and a woman should be with a man. We have nothing against homosexuals. I just don’t agree with their lifestyle.”

Gay rights groups have had their say as well, and rightfully so. Robin McHaelen, executive director of True Colors, an advocacy group for gay youths, said: “I think it’s horrifying. What saddens me is the people that are doing this think they are doing something in the kid’s best interests, when in fact they’re murdering his spirit. They have this kid in a full nelson. That just seems abusive to me.”

Personally, I’m glad the video below is short (the original was 20 minutes long) because it sickened me to even think people can be so twisted in this day and age. Here’s the video clip below. Prepare yourself – it’s pretty disturbing.

Manifested Glory Ministries Gay Exorcism Video Clip

What do you all think of THAT?

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