Vicki Gunvalson Can’t Be Mentioned In Brooks Ayers’ Book As He Signed Confidentiality Agreement Early In Relationship

Vicki Gunvalson was allegedly played by Brooks Ayers during the last season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The veteran reality star stood by her man while he claimed he was being treated for cancer. Gunvalson came under fire for standing behind him even after several of her friends found holes in Ayers’ stories. She gave up a lot for this man, including her marriage to Don Gunvalson.

Since the beginning, Vicki Gunvalson has been the star of The Real Housewives of Orange County. During the most recent season, though, Brooks Ayers made a fool of her. As of now, Vicki Gunvalson maintains she had no idea Ayers did not have cancer. Some of her co-stars from The Real Housewives of Orange County aren’t so sure about her claims. Gunvalson is one of the more intelligent ladies in the franchise, and she was either helping Ayers or was completely blind to his scheme.

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News recently broke that a tell-all book was being written by her ex-boyfriend. While Gunvalson wasn’t too happy about the news, she had protected herself from this exposure before the threat was even presented. According to Us Weekly, Vicki Gunvalson had Brooks Ayers sign a confidentiality agreement when they first began dating. It will bar him from talking about Gunvalson, her business, and her family.

Brooks Ayers blames much of his failed relationship with Vicki Gunvalson on her daughter Brianna. Since the beginning, she has complained about Ayers, and Gunvalson ignored it for the most part. Some shocking claims were made by Briana, both to her mom and to the Real Housewives of Orange County cameras about Ayers. While much of it was thought as over-exaggeration, looking back there are some things that just weren’t right. In fact, Brianna wouldn’t even stay in Gunvalson’s home when she returned for a visit. There was too much tension between her daughter and her boyfriend, and Gunvalson chose Ayers every time.

Not only was Vicki Gunvalson plagued by Brooks Ayers in her personal life, but it also traveled into her business ventures as well. Some time ago, Gunvalson partnered with someone to launch an alcohol brand, tentatively titled Vicki’s Vodka. It never went anywhere, and there were allegedly some shady dealings between the pair. Things got complicated, and the courts were involved. There was a suit filed against her former partner and one against Ayers. According to Radar Online, Vicki Gunvalson received the judgment Brooks Ayers was awarded from the court. It was a lot of money, probably more money than Ayers has seen in his lifetime.

As preparations for the tell-all book are coming together, Vicki Gunvalson can rest easy knowing she cannot be a part of it. Brooks Ayers promised to come clean about everything, including the fact that he is alleging that Bravo fabricated his cancer for ratings. The Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t had issues garnering ratings in over a decade, so why would they do this now? The show is fair game for now unless there was also an agreement signed on behalf of the Bravo network. Gunvalson was smart to have that agreement signed at the beginning.

Fans are wondering why Vicki Gunvalson had even thought of a confidentiality agreement being signed by Brooks Ayers in the beginning. There have been some accusations made across social media about Gunvalson having been involved in the cancer scam. If she wasn’t, would she even be concerned about what Ayers would possibly write? Even though he cannot come out and divulge all of Gunvalson’s personal secrets, there may be subtle hints about things she has said or done throughout their relationship.

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