Gavin Rossdale Dating Nanny Mindy Mann, Rehired Her To Care For Kids? [Report]

Are Gavin Rossdale and Mindy Mann dating after their alleged three-year affair? According to a new report, the Bush rocker has re-hired Mann as the nanny to his three children, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo — and Gwen Stefani is not happy.

On January 21, a source spoke out, revealing how Gavin Rossdale’s alleged relationship with Mann continues to impact the Voice coach.

‘Things with [Gavin Rossdale] are worse than ever right now,” a source told Hollywood Life of the rocker’s co-parenting relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife. “He’s doing everything he can to get her upset, including bringing Mindy around the kids. She and [Gavin Rossdale] have a joint custody agreement, so there’s nothing she can do about his choice to keep Mindy around, but it’s a hard pill for her to swallow. [Gavin Rossdale]’s argument is that the kids still have a bond with Mindy, and he doesn’t see why she can’t see them.”

As Us Weekly revealed in November of last year, Gavin Rossdale was reportedly caught cheating on his wife of 13-years, Stefani, with Mann, who was immediately fired in February after a fellow staff member tipped off the No Doubt singer. Following Mann’s exit from the family’s home, Gavin Rossdale was allegedly able to talk Stefani into staying with him by claiming he had done nothing more than flirt with Mann, and despite damning text message evidence against him, Stefani agreed to try and mend their marriage for months after the news broke. Then, as the magazine revealed, Gavin Rossdale reportedly came clean, and a short while later, in August of last year, Stefani filed for divorce.

Once she left Gavin Rossdale, the mother of three began focusing on her career, both in song and with her coaching role on The Voice, and just three months later, she announced she was dating her co-star on The Voice, Blake Shelton.

“[Gwen Stefani] knows Gavin is doing this to get back at her because he doesn’t like Blake. She is trying her best not to let it get to her,” Hollywood Life‘s source added earlier today.

Weeks after his former partner’s romance with Shelton was revealed, Gavin Rossdale’s vehicle was spotted at Mann’s Los Angeles day care, and right away, a possible reunion was rumored. But after weeks passed without the couple being spotted together at all, those rumors died down — that is until January 20, when a separate Hollywood Life report claimed Gavin Rossdale had re-hired Mann as his nanny.

“Gwen is in complete shock that [Gavin Rossdale] wants to keep Mindy around after she tore their family apart, but Gavin insists that she’s great with the kids and they enjoy her company,” an insider told Star, via Hollywood Life.

Since news of his alleged affair with Mann broke, Gavin Rossdale has been keeping a very low profile, and has only been seen publicly a couple of times. He also stayed off social media until recently. Meanwhile, the mother of his children has been keeping anything but a low profile. For weeks, Stefani and Rossdale have been flaunting their romance in his hometown in Oklahoma, and her hometown of Anaheim, California. Shelton has also become very acquainted with Gavin Rossdale’s three sons, who he has been seen with on a couple of occasions, most recently at a movie theater in Los Angeles, where the boys were seen wearing camouflage — a favorite of Shelton’s.

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