Benicio Del Toro Dishes On ‘Savages,’ Admits He Makes a Great Killer

Over the course of his film career, actor Benicio Del Toro has made a name for himself as the quintessential drug dealer/killer type.

Unsurprisingly, his latest role in Oliver Stone’s Savages, which tells the tale of two young marijuana growers whose shared girlfriend gets kidnapped by a Mexican cartel, posed no concerns for the 45-year-old actor.

“I’ve played drug dealers, all my life. I’ve made a career of killing people and playing all kinds of killers,” said Benicio, who film credits include classics such as Snatch, Traffic, Sin City and Che.

In the film, which hit theaters this past Friday (July 6), Del Toro stars as Lado, the chief enforcer for a drug cartel run by Salma Hayek‘s character, Elena.

He is joined by a cast that includes Talylor Kitsch (Battleship), Blake Lively (The Town) and John Travolta.

While Del Toro’s role in Savages may have been predictable, the actor admits he was surprised at how sharp the film’s director Oliver Stone was on set.

He told Shortlist magazine:

”It was amazing how well-prepared he was,” the 21 Grams actor said of Stone. ” If I did something slightly different in a scene, he’d always know exactly what I’d changed.

Benicio added:

”He was so quick with making decisions too. There was never any, ‘Let me think about this for a second.’ He makes his mind up straight away, I like that.”

Check out Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek in the trailer for Savages below: