‘Far Cry Primal:’ Two New U.S. Trailers, Europe Gets PS4 Bundle

Ubisoft has unleashed two new Far Cry Primal videos today. The first is a trailer simply titled “Takkar,” and it reveals the vicious villain named Ull that players will go up against in the primitive-era, current gen game. In the second video, Ubisoft Montréal takes players behind-the-scenes for an in-depth look at how the characters and language of the Oros people have been created with great attention to detail. Sony Europe has also announced a special Far Cry Primal PlayStation 4 bundle that will be available when the game launches on February 23.

As announced on the official European PlayStation Blog, the “ultimate player” PS4 bundle consists of a 1TB jet black console, a jet black DualShock 4 controller, and a copy of Far Cry Primal. The console doesn’t feature any unique Far Cry highlights or detailing, but those looking to jump into the current console generation or simply upgrade to a larger system may find the bundle enticing.

From the new trailer, it’s clear Takkar is no joke. The trailer opens with a shaman-like man offering up a hearty helping of bloody soup garnished with eyeballs and served in the skull of a beast. Takkar takes it without hesitation. The protagonist of the latest Far Cry game is a hunter and survivor on a quest to find his lost tribe. Although he begins the game with nothing but the skin on his back, players get to ensure he’s well-equipped to take on all that nature and his fellow man wish to throw at him. Perhaps its Takkar’s seemingly no-nonsense, can-do-anything aura that makes the unforgiving wilderness appear all the more savage. As tough as Takkar seems to be in the trailer, the world of Oros is relentlessly brutal, and it just may turn out to be more menacing than any man, including the villain-to-be, Ull.

In the behind-the-scenes video, game director Thomas Simon reminds viewers that authenticity is just as much a part of the Far Cry experience as the exotic locales, eccentric characters, and diverse playstyle options. With that in mind, the creative team has sought out linguistic experts to “recreate a language that has been dead for 12,000 years.” Assistant Professor of Linguistics Andrew Miles Byrd from the University of Kentucky is one of those experts, and he shares how they crafted versions of the Proto-Indo-European language used by the different tribes in Far Cry Primal.

In case you missed it, creative director Jean-Christophe Guyot joined lead writer Kévin Shortt and illustrator Naomi Savoie for a community stream event that included a question and answer session. One of the key questions answered included the size of the game map. Guyot called Primal “huge,” but fell short of making a specific comparison to its predecessor Far Cry 4. Instead, the creative director emphasized the game’s size is typical of what fans would expect from the franchise.

“We want the world of every Far Cry to feel authentic, like a real place, so you can lose yourself in it. Usually, they are quite expansive, and this time around it’s very much the same.”

Guyot also said that the game map is as interesting as it is large, thanks to its diverse locales. The map consists of snowy mountains in the north, marshes to the south, and forest lands in the east.

Also in the Q&A, Guyot confirmed players will enjoy modes of transportation other than walking.

“As you start to progress, learn the beast mastery, conquer the land, you have a few options that open up to yourself. There’s fast-travel, of course, as you will conquer the world you will have new abilities to travel through the world. You will be able to ride different types of animals as you start to acquire them through beast mastery. We’ve seen bear, we’ve seen saber-toothed tiger, and you will also be able to ride the mammoth. This will help you traverse the world of Oros as you progress.”

Far Cry fans eager to share in their anticipation of the game can dive into Ubisoft’s new social feed on the official Far Cry Primal website. Visit farcrygame.com/socialwall for direct access to the feed, and to get your content added to the wall, simply use the hashtag #FarCryPrimal. Players can filter the feed by social media platform, i.e. Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Far Cry Primal is scheduled to launch on February 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC release date is March 1.

[Photo via Ubisoft]