Drunk Man ‘Molests’ Male Passenger In Seat Next To Him As Victim’s Wife Looks On In Horror, Arrested At Landing

A drunk passenger on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu direct to JFK was arrested after he allegedly molested a man seated next to him while the victim’s wife looked on in horror. The incident took place at some point during the nine-and-a-half hour flight. Flight crew dealt with the situation by forcing the drunk man to regain composure until the flight landed and he could be arrested.

The New York Post reports that a drunk Hawaiian Airlines passenger was arrested when an airplane landed at JFK Airport in New York after reportedly molesting a male passenger seated next to him. Ricardo Caceres allegedly became inebriated on the nine-and-a-half hour direct flight from Honolulu to New York before turning his gaze to the man seated next to him. Caceres is accused of groping a man’s genitals, chest, and belt as he sat next to the drunken passenger on the airplane.

According to court papers regarding the case, Caceres touched the man’s genitals, chest, and began messing with the victim’s belt as the man’s wife looked on in horror. The victim asked the drunk man what he was doing and the man stopped touching him but proceeded to drop his own pants. After exposing his genitals to his groping victim and the man’s wife, he then began pleasuring himself as the couple looked on in horror.

The wife of the victim flagged down a flight attendant, who took control of the situation.

“The passenger and his wife both saw the defendant fully exposed, after which the passenger notified the flight crew.”

When the flight attendants came to the aid of the passengers, they noted that Caceres had his pants down and genitals exposed.

“Two members of the flight crew responded, observed the defendant fully exposed with his pants off and instructed him to put his clothing back on, which the defendant did.”

After the flight crew got involved in the situation, the man was told to regain composure for the remaining duration of the flight. The crew then notified authorities waiting at JFK of the incident, and the man was promptly arrested as he disembarked the airplane. The drunk man was released on a $25,000 bond following the incident and is to report to Brooklyn federal court over the incident.


Hawaiian Airlines has not commented on the situation and due to the nature of the incident, the names of the victims are not being released. Sadly, this is not the first time that a passenger has allegedly been molested mid-flight on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a woman who reportedly took a large dose of Nyquil before entering the airplane claimed she was sexually assaulted by a man on her flight while she slept. The accuser says that she awoke several times during the Hawaiian Airlines flight from 22-year-old Luavalu Seuva’ai touching, groping, and molesting her underneath her clothes. Similar to the Ricardo Caceres case, the alleged molester was also arrested when the airplane landed.

At the time of the incident involving the young woman on the Hawaiian Airlines plane, the FBI reported that cases of inappropriate touching are rare on airplanes, but that they are called for similar situations at least four times a month. Have you ever had to deal with a fellow airline passenger’s drunk antics? Is there anything that airlines can do to avoid situations such as this, or is turning the pervert over to police at landing their only option?

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