WWE News: Real Reason For Backstage Heat On Tyler Breeze Is As Stupid As It Gets For WWE

Former WWE NXT standout Tyler Breeze worked a very long time to reach the main roster in WWE. It was over five years in the making, fans and people within WWE all cheered knowing he was finally getting a chance. He is really the only one that was left from the FCW world to come into NXT. He was bypassed by a lot of people who WWE felt deserved a spot on the roster before Breeze.

This only motivated Prince Pretty, so the fact he finally got the right opportunity to show what he could do was fun for fans to see. Plus, he did help ratings with his debut. However, some believed that the fans might not get behind him once he comes out of NXT. The character grew in front of us on NXT, so fans were along for the ride and the character’s ups and downs upon seeing the final product. That isn’t happening on the main roster, so fans are getting him all at once and it has not landed as well as WWE might have hoped.

Some felt it just needed time, and with Triple H behind him, it could be good. Vince McMahon allowed Breeze to do a bit before we seemingly saw him lose all momentum and become a jobber of sorts. So what actually happened? It was rumored that Vince felt he was a good mid-card heel and then he felt the opposite. However, this is the same guy who has been behind Roman Reigns as the top guy in his company, a man who has gotten a ton of hate from fans yet still has been pushed to the moon.

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So it would be weird if he had the patience of a saint here and then all of a sudden gave only weeks to allow Breeze to prove himself.

With that said, we now may know why Breeze went from beating down guys like Dolph Ziggler to jobbing. According to PWInsider, Tyler Breeze asked permission to leave WWE tapings early one week. It is uncertain why he needed to leave early. Whether it was for a legit reason like being sick, needing to see a family member, etc. However, when word got out that he did end up leaving early, it spread through the locker room and eventually the management heard about it.

Many in management seemingly did not know of the request by Breeze and were angry of him leaving early. The feeling is that since he just came from WWE NXT, he was disrespecting the business for leaving early. That said, they have decided to “squash him out” as a means of a lesson potentially. All of this was due to the heat he had for requesting to leave early. It is uncertain how long they will have him job out to random people, but it is thought that it might not last for too long.

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Basically, despite the fact many now know he asked to leave and did not just leave, there is still heat on him. It also seems that no one knows why he asked to leave, so it might be good to know the reason behind it. It could be that WWE management did not feel it was good enough to be cool with this early exit.

What is so interesting is that Tyler Breeze asked to leave and was most likely granted the request by a member of management, so should they not come under more fire for allowing him to go?

At the end of the day, it should not matter if he requested to leave early if he had a good reason. With Tyler Breeze knowing the business well, he probably thought his request was perfectly acceptable. It most likely was. However, in WWE, a lot of stuff is about respect and when they feel disrespect is shown, they get sticks up their tails. Keep in mind, this is the same company that got offended with The Young Bucks for not shaking Booker T’s hand, which affected them getting developmental contracts years ago.

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