WWE News: Tyler Breeze Among WWE NXT Stars Who Are Mad At Kevin Owens’ Main Roster Push

There’s no denying the talent that is at WWE NXT. One great example is Kevin Owens and his emergence on the WWE’s main roster. In under one month, Kevin Owens defeated John Cena at the Elimination Chamber, out-classed him in excellent promos on WWE Raw and made a huge statement for a WWE NXT superstar.

As of a month ago, the morale at WWE NXT hasn’t been higher. Their shows in Philadelphia and Albany only solidified that claim. When Sami Zayn returns from injury, there’s a chance he’ll be on the WWE main roster too. By October, WWE NXT will be even stronger.

Although, not everything is perfectly fine in the WWE. With success, comes jealousy from others. Since Owens debuted in the winter, he’s done nothing but win and impress. Apparently, that isn’t sitting well with other WWE NXT superstars.

According to Ringside News, numerous WWE NXT superstars are upset with Kevin Owens’ big push, especially Tyler Breeze.

“This has several NXT wrestlers very upset, particularly those who have been in WWE’s developmental system for a long time now and to see a new guy come in and get fast-tracked to the main roster.”

“While morale has improved since the departure of Bill DeMott, the last few weeks have seen a number of complaints because of Owens. Tyler Breeze in particular was one the names complaining about guys being stuck down there for so long while Owens instantly receives a major push.”

Owens is only doing what he is told, if this report is true. After the hard work he’s completed at the WWE Performance Center, the WWE decided to utilize his talents and place the NXT championship on him within the first month of his tenure. On top of that, WWE officials obviously felt he was ready for the WWE main roster.

WWE superstars don’t get to pick their storylines or feuds. On the off-chance they get to, it’s a situation like Chris Jericho requesting a match for a live event. This time, Owens didn’t go to the WWE officials and beg for a main event push. Just by looking at Owens during WWE programming, his eyes let the WWE fans presume that he’s having the time of his life.

In the next few weeks, Kevin Owens’ push is only going to get bigger. Next week on WWE NXT, Owens will face Samoa Joe in a non-title match. Two weeks after that on July 4, Owens is going to wrestle Finn Balor for the NXT championship in Tokyo, Japan. There are some who think Balor is going to win that title from Owens and send Owens to the main roster. Will frustration grow worse from WWE NXT superstars?

[Image via dailywrestlingnews.com]