Sarah Palin’s $695 Sweater Sells Out: Palin’s Trump Endorsement Fringe Jacket Sold Out At Saks, Ebay, And Amazon

Sarah Palin’s wardrobe has often been a topic of discussion, and when the former governor of Alaska that is Hurricane Palin stepped on the stage to endorse Donald Trump on Tuesday, Sarah wore a fringed jacket with silver-looking things hanging off of it that had people buzzing about the unusual sweater. As seen in the below photos, Palin’s fringed and colorful sweater stole the show — getting buzz on social media almost more than Sarah’s endorsement about the Republican presidential candidate himself. The duo spoke at the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center at Iowa State University, as Palin took on the rhetoric of Trump, saying they’d “kick ISIS’ a**” if Trump is elected president. It was January 19, 2016, in Ames, Iowa, when Trump won Palin’s endorsement, but not the first time that Sarah was found wearing that now-famous fringed sweater.

Palin clothes
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According to Mashable, Palin’s sweater is a pretty pricey bolero jacket — priced at $695 for the piece. The publication pegs Sarah’s sweater as the MILLY Beaded Silk Bolero Jacket on Saks Fifth Avenue’s website, and notes that the sweater is currently sold out. However, Lyst reports the MillyBeaded Silk Bolero Jacket was last seen at Saks for $185 — more than $500 cheaper than the $695 price being bandied about.

We checked 451 retailers and this item was last seen for $185 at Saks Fifth Avenue. You’ll be notified if it comes back in stock.

There’s no telling why the price may have dropped from $695 to $185 — but after Palin popularized the sweater, it will likely hit retailers at the higher price when Palin’s sweater re-emerges in stock.

“So, you need it? It is made by Milly, the high-end style firm based mostly in New York Metropolis. At time of writing, although, it was bought out on the Saks Fifth Avenue web site. It seems to be from the label’s 2014 line and initially retailed for $695. Between August and October of 2008, the Republican Nationwide Committee spent $150,000 on Palin’s wardrobe and make-up consulting based on its monetary disclosure data, which maybe explains her costly tastes.”

Below photos show Sarah wearing the sweater in all its fringed and colorful glory, and as Trump hugs Palin, one wonders how the woven silk and seed and bugle beads feel.

Sarah Palin wardrobe
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That’s right, fashionistas. According to the Saks Fifth Avenue description, Sarah wore woven silk flaunts with seed- and bugle-bead fringe — which apparently is a thing that Etsy artisans are no strangers to when bandying about those crafting terms. According to Saks, Sarah was anything but plain and tall when Palin sported the “Made in USA of imported fabric” sweet-looking sweater.

“Chic cropped jacket in woven silk flaunts seed- and bugle-bead fringe arranged in an ombre effect.

  • Roundneck

  • Elbow-length sleeves

  • Single snap closure at neck

  • About 21″ from shoulder to hem

  • Silk

  • Dry clean

  • Made in USA of imported fabric”

Palin jacket
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The sweater that Sarah donned may have been pretty cute to some viewers, but others, like Brittany Williams, tweeted that she found Palin’s fringe sweater so awful that she snapped a pic of Sarah wearing the sweater in November on CBS Sunday Morning.

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On Twitter, a search for “Palin sweater” turns up a healthy discussion about the merits of Sarah’s sweater. Some believe Palin’s sweat resembles shrapnel, while others are calling Sarah’s sweater ugly. Still others are arguing over the cost of Sarah’s sweater.

Palin jacket
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Meanwhile, photos of Palin in her sweater are being compared to Sarah wearing porcupine quills to a piece of clothing that the ghost of Rick James might’ve provided Palin. Still others find Sarah’s sweater attractive and want the sweater. Alas, the eBay listing of the “MILLY Beaded Bolero Jacket. New With Tags NWT Org $695 SZ 8″ have already sold for $199.95, as reported by eBay.

Palin jacket
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Therefore, until Sarah’s sweater comes back in stock — Lyst reports checking 447 retailers, with all of the online retailers selling out of Palin’s sweater — fans of the sweater Sarah donned to Trump’s endorsement speech are left to learn about restock dates via alerts. Even Amazon reports the sweater that Palin wore is currently unavailable.

Sarah Palin jacket black sweater fringed
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That’s some kind of sweater that Palin chose for such a momentous event.

(Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)
Sarah palin dress
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