Laura Dern And Ben Harper Restart Divorce Proceedings

Laura Dern and Ben Harper are getting divorced… again.

Harper filed for divorce back in 2010 but the couple decided to try to save the marriage. The reconciliation didn’t seem to go too great, however, as Dern filed for divorce over the weekend.

According to the Post Intelligencer, Dern is seeking primary custody of their children, Ellery, 10, and Jaya, 7. The actress has also requested child support, spousal support, and insists that Harper pays her legal fees. When Harper filed for divorce in 2010, he requested joint custody and asked the judge to deny Dern’s request for spousal support.

A friend of Dern’s told Life & Style Magazine:

“They’ve called it quits for the second time… They came to this conclusion last month. It was handled with the utmost respect and love; there were no crazy fights. When they got back together earlier this year, they were happy… There’s a lot of love there, and they both really wanted it to work, but they just couldn’t work out their differences. They couldn’t meet in the middle…. Because of their kids, Laura wanted to handle this politely and with care… But I know she’s hurt because she really did love Ben a lot. It’s a sad time for her. She’s been leaning on friends for support. Both she and Ben are good people; there is no bad guy in this picture.”

TMZ reports that Dern is already the primary caregiver for their two children. Dern is also the main caregiver for Harper’s two other children from a previous relationship.

Dern, 45, and Harper, 42, were married in 2005 after five years of dating.