Donald Trump Condemns Discrimination Against Christian Refugees

Donald Trump discussed his concern for Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq in a recent interview with CBN. Trump met with national security experts over the weekend to discuss various policies, and revealed that he made a very troubling discovery which he is sharing with the evangelical community this week.

“If you are a Christian living in Syria, you can’t come into this country, and yet if you are a Muslim, living in Syria, who are not under attack, they can come in. But we have Christians being beheaded all over the world by ISIS, in Syria and Iraq in particular. And those Christians can’t come into this country. So, you say what you want, this is really something, and that is a lack of respect for us.”

Donald Trump Is Saying The Opposite Of What Media Has Told Us

The Media has told us a completely different story than the story Donald Trump has just revealed. Liberals, including Christian Liberals, fought to prevent almost certain discrimination against Muslims in immigration. Conservatives in Congress have been heavily criticized in the media for their suggestion to only accept Christian refugees. There have been protests and angry social media posts in response to the suggested discrimination against Muslims.

Sharon McAnear of US News spoke out against immigration profiling, as fear-mongering. She then invoked Christ, calling into question the Christianity of those that would not welcome Muslims as neighbors, in a compassion evoking plea to help the Muslim refugees.

Checking Trumps Facts Trump Is Revealing The Truth

In practice though, it seems that Donald Trump is exactly right, or at least he is only off by one man. Patrick Goodenough, Reported on CNS News January 18, the US has taken in 482 Muslim refugees from Syria and only one Christian. This despite the fact that 10 percent of Syrian refugees are Christian. So Donald is absolutely correct. There is considerable discrimination against Christianity in the immigration of Syrian refugees to America.

Donald Trump made his point clearly in the CBN interview. He even restated his argument. It is clear that Trump will not be tolerating any anti Christian discrimination if he is elected. He sees reverse discrimination as an attack on religious liberty and freedom.

“If you are a Muslim you can come into this country very easily. If you are from Europe and you are a Muslim, you can come in. But if you are from Europe and you are a Christian, you can’t come in. Meaning it is almost impossible. So you tell me about religious liberty and freedom.”

Trump-Stands-Up-for-Christian-Refugees: Iraqi Christians celebrate during Christmas Eve mass in the Al-Bashara Church in a Christian refugee camp in Irbil, Iraq. (AP Photo/Seivan M.Salim)

Is Donald Trump An Unexpected Champion Of Christianity?

Charisma News found Donald Trump’s views on abortion, a hot button topic for the Religious right, confusing. Though Trump’s stand on abortion, and other key religious issues, may not be in complete alignment with the Evangelicals, we must understand that he is a good Presbyterian and that perhaps, coming from New York, he is a tad more liberal on some issues. Still, his vow to protect Christianity comes as a welcome change, over those in congress who have apparently tried and failed.

Perhaps other conservatives in Congress asked too much, saying they wanted only Christian Syrians in America, but surely Donald Trump has a right to point out that there are virtually no Christian refugees getting into the country. How is discrimination against Christians right, while discrimination against Muslims is wrong?

Donald Trump Stands up For Jesus at Liberty Uniersity
Donald Trump Vows to Stand Up for Jesus and Christians, as he delivers the convocation at the Vines Center on the campus of Liberty University (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Concludes His Soundbite With A Promise To Christians

Donald Trump, full of compassion for Syrian Christians and Christians everywhere, made his stand clear on the issue. He spoke with quiet conviction, that was quite different from his usual tone.

“The Christians are being treated horribly, because we have nobody to represent the Christians. Believe me, if I run and if I win I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they have had in a long time.”

While it is true that 75 percent to 85 percent of all Americans are Christian, many Christians see the issue of Muslim immigration as an issue of fairness. Donald Trump has clarified this talking point considerably. In an effort to be fair to Muslims, this nation has enabled our government to discriminate against Christians.
This is an issue that needs to be addressed as some 9500 immigrants are still to be admitted according to the plan. Fairness would dictate there should be many Christian among them. Of course, it is yet to be seen if this tip on discrimination coupled with a heart felt promise will be enough for Trump to gain the support of the vast Christian Right.

Donald Trump seems more obviously moved by this issue than any other issue so far. What are your thoughts?

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