‘Doga’: World Record-Breaking Dog Yoga Class In Hong Kong Saw 270 Pooches And Their Owners [Video]

There is quite likely a brand new Guinness World Record in the making, as 270 dogs recently paired up with their yogis for the biggest dog yoga class ever in Hong Kong. Believe it or believe it not, but “doga” is officially a thing.

It happened in Hong Kong on January 17 when the 270 pairs of pups and yogis got together and practiced yoga for just over 30 minutes.

The world’s biggest dog yoga class was led by doga teacher Suzette Ackerman. For half an hour, 270 owners practiced by massaging, twisting, and stretching their four-legged friends in a variety of yoga poses, along with the odd bark, of course.

Ackerman explained in an interview that she thinks the doga classes are important with so many people busy working all the time and that everyone had loads of fun bonding and playing with their pets.

“I think it’s important. I think today they had fun. And people in Hong Kong are very busy with work. Like 24/7 working. A lot of them have pets but usually it’s the helpers that take the dogs out for walks.”

Ackerman went on to say that by attending a dog yoga class, a pet owner then has at least an hour connecting and bonding with their pet, saying, “It’s just you and your pet. There’s no TV in between, there’s no people calling you up, or internet or Facebooking halfway. So you have a whole hour bonding with your pet. I think it’s good.”

The International Business Times spoke to one of the participants, Susan Chan, who participated in the dog yoga with her pet, Sunshine. Chan said she was honored to have participated in what is probably a new Guinness World Record but also said she wants to continue with the practice of dog yoga, or doga.

“I feel really, really good. It’s kind of a really close relationship with my dog. Getting close to him. And the heart to heart. I like it.”

As reported by the Independent, while the record-breaking dog yoga lesson has not yet been confirmed by Guinness World Records officials, organizers of the world’s largest doga lesson are pretty confident the record has, indeed, been broken.

Reportedly, the previous world record for the largest dog yoga class was achieved in San Diego almost a year ago on January 25, 2015. At that doga session, reportedly 265 people turned up with their pet pooches and made all the right moves, stretches, and grooves.

The nicest thing about the latest record-breaking dog yoga class — besides the obvious benefits to both pets and their owners — is that all proceeds from the event will be heading to the coffers of the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association.

You can enjoy watching the world record breaking dog yoga event as it happened in Hong Kong in the video included below.

Talking dogs and yoga, the Inquisitr previously shared a charming image of a golden Labrador performing a doga pose while watching a yoga lesson on TV. The practice does seem to be catching on with the pooches and what better way to spend time with your beloved pet while getting fit in the process.

[Image via Sophie the dog performing “doga” | Flickr by Adam Yoblon/CC BY 2.0]

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