The Amazing Spider-Man Rakes In $140 Million Dollars

The Spider-Man has proven once again that it can triumph against all competitors. The Amazing Spider-Man took in $65 million in its opening weekend and $140 million in his first six days at U.S. theaters more than doubling the take from Ted. Overseas Spider-Man took in an additional $201.6 million dollars making the franchise a total of a whopping $341.2 million dollars over the course of the past six days. While not doing as well domestically as the previous three Spider-Man movies, it definitely put to rest any talk that it was too soon to remake the franchise, which just released Spider-Man 3 5 years ago.

Rory Bruer, Sony’s head of distribution said in a statement,

“This was never modeled or was never meant to be `Spider-Man 4.’ This was always a relaunch with a new cast and different stories to tell, and quite frankly, it succeeded beyond our imaginations,”With a film that is a relaunch like this, with a new cast, a new director, there are a lot of pieces. You have to prove yourself, just like `Batman Begins’ had to prove itself and went on to have such incredible success with `Dark Knight. This is a new trilogy and a new era of Spider-Man. We certainly have very much in our minds where it’s going to go with the story arc. It’s just going to be an incredible several years with this relaunch. We have a lot of great stories to tell.”

The top ten movies of the weekend were as follows:

1. “The Amazing Spider-Man,” $65 million ($129.1 million international).

2. “Ted,” $32.6 million ($15 million international).

3. “Brave,” $20.2 million ($4.2 million international).

4. “Savages,” $16.2 million.

5. “Magic Mike,” $15.6 million.

6. “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection,” $10.2 million.

7. “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted,” $7.7 million ($6.4 million international).

8. “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” $7.2 million ($2.3 million international).

9. “Moonrise Kingdom,” $4.6 million.

10. “To Rome with Love,” $3.5 million.