SUNY Geneseo Double Murder Suicide Leave Two Students Dead In New York

A SUNY Geneseo campus double murder suicide has one woman and two men dead. The bodies of Kelsey Annese, Matthew Hutchinson, and Colin Kingston were found inside a home after a worried father called 911 to report his son had threatened to kill himself and then his girlfriend.

SUNY Geneseo is located about 35 miles south of the city of Rochester, New York. The three bodies were found around 6 a.m. on Sunday morning. Police investigators found a bloody knife at the scene and have tentatively determined it was used as the double murder suicide weapon, Buffalo News reports. At least two of the bodies were reportedly found inside a bedroom in the Wadsworth home where Annese lived.

Geneseo Police Department officials have stopped shy of officially labeling the crime as a double murder suicide, but have noted a belief that the killer is among the deceased.

The SUNY victims have been identified as Kelsey Annese, a 21-year-old student from Webster, New York, Matthew Hutchinson, a 24-year-old student from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Colin Kingston, a 24-year-old former student from Geneseo.

“Certainly part of our investigation is to backtrack the events and whereabouts of each individual, and that is an ongoing process at this time,” Geneseo Police Public Information Officer, Jeffrey Sczesniak, said.

The name of the father who called to alert law enforcement about the possibility of a murder, has not yet been released to the public by police officials. An audio excerpt from the 911 recording shared on Facebook appears to indicate that the local resident and former students was the murderer.

“[The father] reported that his son, Colin Kingston, just called him from unknown number, and he said he murdered his girlfriend,… and he’s also going to kill himself. Unknown means, unknown address.”

Kelsey Annese was a member of the SUNY women’s basketball team. Annese’s basketball team played a game in Buffalo the afternoon before her murder. The guard played a total of 13 minutes in the game and scored five points to help her team win the contest. She was majoring in both Spanish and education, and was minoring in psychology.

Matthew Hutcinson was a member of the Geneseo Volunteer Fire Department and the school’s hockey team, according to a Daily Mail report. Last summer, Hutchinson spent the bulk of his summer break battling wildfires with the British Columbia Wildfire Service. He played in a total of eight games for the hockey team this season, and wrote an online column for SUNY Geneseo and stated his desire to become a full-time firefighter. He was a geography major with a minor in business.

Colin Kingston is reportedly a member of a prominent family in the community. The Kingston farm in Geneseo was established prior to the Civil War. Walter Kingston, the former student’s grandfather, was a long-standing member of the Geneseo school board and once served as both the town supervisor and on the county board of supervisors. The Kingston family was referred to as the “backbone” of the community by former school board member Bob McDonald. Although he had attended the school previously, Kingston was not reportedly registered for classes during the spring semester, which begins tomorrow.

“We have experienced a terrible tragedy in Geneseo today involving members of our community,” SUNY Geneseo President Denise A. Battles stated in a release after the SUNY double murder suicide became public. “The loss of Kelsey, Matthew, and Colin has profoundly affected our campus community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all involved.”

The town of Geneseo had not reportedly experienced a homicide in more than two decades before the Sunday killings.

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