Full ‘No More Parties In LA’ Track Released: Will North West Make Debut On ‘SWISH’?

Shortly after teasing that the complete track of “No More Parties in LA” will be dropped soon on Twitter, rapper Kanye West posted a link to the single via SoundCloud.

“No More Parties in LA” will be featured on his upcoming album, SWISH. Yeezus previously released a snippet of the song on SoundCloud paired with the complete track, also to be featured on SWISH, titled “Real Friends.” Now fans can hear “No More Parties in LA” in its entirety.



“Real Friends” was leaked earlier this month and was shortly taken down — and then put back up again. This back-and-forth occurred because of illegal uploaders constantly posting the unsolicited track online for the public.

“Real Friends” also gained popularity for its lines as fans question whether or not Kanye was really extorted by his cousin with a laptop containing explicit material of him as collateral, DJbooth reports.

The Verge reports that “No More Parties In LA” should be a smoother process, however. That is, as long as Kanye doesn’t find any more flaws on the track — being the perfectionist that he is.

That’s because “No More Parties in LA” was previously taken down once already not due to legal issues but because West claimed that there was “a slight distortion in the main loop.”


The Verge reports that “No More Parties in LA” is the first time that West has collaborated with rapper Kendrick Lamar on a track. However, Lamar does have a writing credit for “All Day,” which was released last March.

The Chicago rapper says that the beat was actually produced by Madlib, dating back in 2010 while Kanye was working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Fans have researched the internet ever since the “Real Friends” sample was dropped to dig up more details on “No More Parties in LA.” Upon the end of their search, they found a clip of Kanye talking about working with Madlib as a part of the documentary Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton on Vimeo.

He describes working with Madlib and “hearing the textures” for the new song. He then subsequently rapped a couple of bars (around the 21:44 minute mark) from “No More Parties in LA.”

Although work on the track originally began in 2010, the lyrics for “No More Parties in LA” are pretty up-to-date and carefully crafted as Kanye often does in his raps.

Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Ye added some work to the track on his way back from a trip in Italy.”

The Inquisitr reports that all of the Kardashians may have helped out with the album in fact. According to MTV News, Khloe mentioned that they gave him hand during an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The Inquisitr also claims that the Mirror rumors that North West may even make her debut, so expect to hear a couple of bars from Kim and Kanye’s 20-month-old daughter.


A lot of extra time was put into the track. The 38-year-old rapper wanted to work on every intricacy of every verse. This resulted in “No More Parties in LA” being one of his most prolific displays of lyricism to date, according to the Verge.

Complex writes that Kim also tweeted that her husband will continue to drop new music every week leading up to the album, but it’s unclear if these songs will actually be on SWISH.

Yeezy himself confirmed that his new album, SWISH, will be released on February 11.


Listen to the full track here.

What do you think of “No More Parties in LA”? How do you think SWISH will turn out when it’s ready?

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