Rand Paul Uses Twitter To Become Part Of The Democratic Debate Too

Rand Paul, the other Republican media sensation, shocked the political establishment when he snubbed the second to last Republican debate on Fox News. To be fair, Senator Paul was first snubbed by Fox News by saying the polls that showed he bested Kasich, Bush, and Christie in the polls, were too late to allow him to the big kid debate table. Dr. Paul, as The Inquisitr previously reported, gained more media attention and social media followers than almost every other candidate who made the Republican debate. The Kentucky senator loved his time on Twitter with his supporters so much that he made a social media appearance during the next debate, according to Business Insider.

For clarification purposes, that would be the debate that contained Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley, also known as the Democrat debate. Rand Paul was the lone Republican candidate to take part in the opposing party’s debates. According to Reason, Paul took aim at the two Democratic frontrunners, but spent more time on Hillary Clinton.

“I agree with @MartinOmalley again “What Hillary Clinton just said is not true” They could just put that under her on the screen all night.”

Senator Hillary Clinton listens
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Dr. Paul took some more specific shots at Hillary Clinton during the Democratic debate, as he posted specific information regarding her “criminal justice reform record.”

“@HillaryClinton supports criminal justice reform? She once called the Violent Crime Control & LA Act smart & tough http://bit.ly/1RZFvyA

Paul even brought Chris Christie’s infamous bear hug with President Obama into his critiques of the Democratic debate, as he suggested that Hillary Clinton was giving Mr. Obama a big hug right now, and that Christie was in fact very jealous.

He also knocked the Democratic frontrunner on he foreign policy claims by stating that her “wars in Iraq, Syria, and Lybia have strengthened ISIS,” so how does she have the “audacity to speak about foreign policy.” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has been neck and neck with Clinton for the top spot, clashed with his Democratic opponent over who was tougher on guns. At one point in the debate, Sanders remarked positively about his D- grade with the NRA, Senator Rand Paul seized on that statement.

“@BernieSanders just bragged about getting a D- grade. And he wants to fix education. #DemDebate
Seriously? @BernieSanders is bragging he has a failing grade on protecting the Bill of Rights #DemDebate”

Healthcare, like gun control, has been a key component in the Democratic debates. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is looking for a more sweeping version of ObamaCare, and Senator Paul pondered how he would financially accomplish one of his healthcare goals.

“@BernieSanders wants ‘Medicare for All’ – sure let’s take a program that’s tens of trillions in longterm debt and make it bigger #DemDebate”

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Senator Sanders and Paul seem to be quite popular among the bases of both the Republican and Democratic parties respectively. Though it is uncertain if either make it to the finish line, but intrigue and curiosity in seeing the two debate is as equally as popular as they are. So much so that Rand Paul challenged Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to debate between the two.

As far as the next Democratic debate, there isn’t any. The Republican debate line-up is yet to be determined, but Senator Rand Paul made the numbers necessary to be in the last debate, albeit allegedly too late. So, will Rand Paul be allowed to debate in the next Republican debates? It is uncertain. What is certain is that Senator Paul will likely find his own way to debate, and of course, his own place to debate.

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