‘Swedish Fritzl:’ Doctor Kept Woman As Sex Slave In Concrete Bunker [Video]

According to Swedish police a doctor drugged, kidnapped and raped a woman and was planning to hold her hostage as a sex slave in a concrete dungeon in his home. However, when the man saw police searching her Stockholm home, he handed the woman in at a police station.

The doctor reportedly drugged the woman with chocolate strawberries laced with the date rape drug Rohypnol when he was in her Stockholm home during what was apparently their second date. He then allegedly raped the woman, placed her in a wheelchair and put her in his car. The doctor then drove her to his home in Kristianstad, some 350 miles away, where he intended to keep the woman as a sex slave in a concrete bunker.

As reported by Stuff.co.nz, during the journey he allegedly used rubber masks to disguise his own and the woman’s identity. When police searched his bathroom they found the mask of a bearded man and an elderly woman, pictured below.

Prosecutors have not named the doctor, but he has gained the nickname the “Swedish Fritzl,” due to similarities with a notorious case involving an Austrian man, Josef Fritzl, who held his own daughter hostage in a cellar for 24 years.

According to Swedish police, the man had spent some five years building the concrete-enforced bunker in his home, readying it for a potential sex slave. The walls are reportedly a foot thick and the cellar has a bedroom complete with a functioning toilet and a kitchen.

Police allege that the doctor had kept the woman, who is in her 30s, in the 650 sq ft (60 sq meter) cellar in the south of Sweden for around one week. Police believe he was intending to hold the woman captive for many years, but that he panicked when he saw the police searching her apartment and then decided to hand her in to a police station. The potential sex slave had apparently been reported as missing and the police were investigating her disappearance.

When the doctor dropped the woman off at the police station, he reportedly warned her to pretend that she was safe and that he had rescued her. However, police officers became suspicious and arrested the man. During questioning, the man admitted to drugging the woman with the Rohypnol-laced chocolate-covered strawberries and to kidnapping her, but he reportedly denies any rape charges.

The Daily Mail reports that he did, however, admit to taking blood and other samples from the woman to check if she was suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases. The doctor said he tested the samples himself at a lab at his place of work.

According to the chief prosecutor in the case, Peter Claeson, officials believe his intention was to keep the woman locked up in the concrete bunker for a long period of time, and they also believe he has been planning on finding himself a sex slave for several years.

“We believe his intention has been to keep the woman locked up for several years. We also suspect him of planning this for years.”

A friend of the doctor was reportedly surprised to hear the news, saying the man was socially awkward but polite and not the type you would think would take a sex slave into his home.

“The more I read about this, the more confused I get. He’s not the kind of person you look at and think ‘he’ll lock up and abuse a woman’.”

The video below shows the concrete bunker where the doctor was keeping the woman as a sex slave.

[Photo Rohypnol via Flickr by hannes.a.schwetz/CC BY-SA 2.0]

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