Watch "The Dark Knight Rises" 13-Min. Featurette [Video]

Robert Jonathan

The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final film in Christopher's Nolan's Batman trilogy, arrives in theaters on July 20. As a follow-up to the short movie trailers that have already been released, Warner Bros. now has posted a new 13 minute, 26 second video that is a combination of behind-the-scenes interviews and production footage as well as scenes from the actual film.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises is already at an all-time high. Tickets for the midnight screenings have already sold out and eBay sellers are hoping to cash in on the frenzy.

The Gothamist reports that The Dark Knight Rises "had its first advanced screening for critics this week, and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive—it even received a standing ovation."

In the film, Christian Bale reprises his role as the title character, and is joined by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard, and return performances by Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and other members of an ensemble cast.

The new film has a NFL Pittsburgh Steelers connection because, as Deadline Hollywood notes, both the actual movie and the featurette...

also includes the aerial stunts and the football stadium destruction scene seen in the early trailers. That stadium for the imaginary Gotham Rogues football team is where the Pittsburgh Steelers play. No coincidence that pic’s co-financier Legendary Pictures chief Thomas Tull owns a minority stake in the Steelers:

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Do you think that the movie will live up to the marketing hype--in other words, will it "rise" to the occasion?

Are you going to line up at the theater to see it or just wait for it to come out on video?