The DOMINIC Show Attempts To Devour Entire McDonald’s Menu In 10 Minutes — Does The YouTuber Succeed In His Gluttonous Challenge?

Looks like another YouTuber is going viral by eating copious amounts of food in a short amount of time. In this instance, Dominic of The DOMINIC Show is taking on the challenge of eating every single food item on McDonald’s menu in 10 minutes or less.

For those who do not know what YouTube channel The DOMINIC Show is all about, it is the official YouTube channel for Dominic Sandoval, a well-known American dancer, rapper, and YouTube personality. He is best known for being a contestant on the third season of So You Think You Can Dance and the winner of the third season of America’s Best Dance Crew along with the rest of Quest Crew. After his win on ABDC, he became a judge in the upcoming season.

On his YouTube however, Dominic Sandoval uploads not just dance videos, but other videos centered on unique topics or gimmicks. His “20 Videos” usually feature 20 of a topic such as 20 laughs, 20 accents, or 20 faces, and he even gives relationship advice. Some of Dominic’s most popular videos however are his food challenges in which he eats a copious amount of food within 10 minutes. Previous challenges included 200 pieces of bacon, six large pizzas, 50 sliders, 80 chicken sandwiches, all food items on the Taco Bell menu, 10 watermelons, 40 hotdogs, 120 potstickers, 200 hot wings, 100 twinkies, and many others.

This time, Dominic Sandoval took on all the food items on the McDonald’s menu. However, he did not take on the task alone as he teamed up with Sean Lew, Josh Price, and “Big” Will Simmons. Friends and fellow ABDC contestants Jmocak and Green helped out as well. Anyway, they were the team made to take on this daunting task of high-calorie intake.

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It doesn’t look as if Dominic Sandoval got every single item on the McDonald’s menu for the challenge. For example, there are only two salads shown in the challenge yet the general McDonald’s menu has seven salads. Breakfast menu items, beverages, and other snacks and sides sold at McDonald’s seem to be omitted too. Still, almost 40 different sandwiches and burgers, with a mountain of fries, is still a lot of food. Also by the editing near the end of the video, they probably did not finish all the food within the time limit meaning this video wasn’t about conquering the challenge, but simply having a fun take on the food challenge craze. The dance party smack center of the video gives it away.

As a testament to how popular food challenges are on YouTube, Dominic Sandoval’s video titled ENTIRE MCDONALD’S MENU IN 10 MIN CHALLENGE!(and yes it is all in caps) is the 13th most-watched video on the #PopularOnYouTube list as of the publication of this article. Since being uploaded on January 15, 2016, it received almost 500K views with 21.5 likes. The little over 1.6K dislikes may have been from viewers who were expecting Dominic to take the challenge seriously.

For those who would like to see all the bloopers and deleted scenes for the video, it is uploaded on Dominic Sandoval’s second channel, RANDOMinicSHOW.

[Image via Screen Capture of ENTIRE MCDONALD’S MENU IN 10 MIN CHALLENGE!]