The Clown Motel Truly Does Exist, And It Will Scare Every Bit Of Life Out Of You

People around the world have all types of things that scare them and true fears. Some are frightened of spiders, while snakes freak out other people. There are people afraid of heights, and those who are terrified of open spaces. Then, there are clowns, which pretty much scare the majority of people, so one has to wonder why anyone in their right mind would stay at The Clown Motel in Tanopah, Nevada.

Yes, it’s a real thing. Yes, it’s horrifically terrifying.

Tanopah is an old mining town that sees a lot of people just drive on through and truckers need a place to stop and rest for the night. Well, as they drive through, there aren’t a lot of places to stop, but the Clown Motel is one of them.

the clown motel tanopah nevada

As the Huffington Post states, there is a happy-go-lucky and smiling clown on the bright sign that lets everyone know there are fun times ahead. The clown is juggling and lets passers-by know if there is vacancy, and that the rooms are very nicely priced.

Everything seems welcoming, and it may be the only place that you can rest your head and get a good night’s sleep. Well, that is if the graveyard immediately next door to the front office doesn’t freak you out any.

That cemetery is full of miners who have passed away years and years ago. Let’s not forget that Tanopah is an old mining town.

As you pull and park your vehicle, you’ll see a big sign over the front officer that welcomes everyone and advises them to head inside. That’s when things may take a bit of a different turn and unsettle your nerves a bit more.

In the front office, there are collectible clowns and figurines as far as the eye can see. No, there aren’t just a few here and there. Clowns are absolutely everywhere and this is more than just decor — it’s an obsession.

Don’t worry, your room will have clowns all over it, too. There will be portraits of famous clowns and some that you’ve never heard of before. Roadtrippers states that every clown known to man is represented and honored. You’ll see Bozo, Pagliacci, and so many more lining the halls and rooms so you never feel alone.

Now, the show Ghost Adventures from the Travel Channel did take a trip to The Clown Motel to check it out.

the clown motel ghost adventures

Anyone would think it absolutely necessary to check out, explore, and likely exorcise a place that is called The Clown Motel. It’s believed to be haunted, and many expect to see some of the strangest and freakiest things to happen here.

A review on Yelp, though, says that while the clowns may be a little scary, the Clown Hotel isn’t terrifying in the least, and certainly not haunted.

“If you’re looking here because of Ghost Adventures, I hate to tell you that there’s nothing remotely haunting about this place other than the Zeebo the Clown doll hanging in the main office.”

The reviewer even goes on to say that the staff of the Clown Motel are some of the nicest and most accommodating people. The manager is said to be very “down to earth” and all the staff members they encountered were “very kind.”

A doll named Zeebo the Clown sit in a cage in the front office, but it isn’t walking around or patrolling the parking lot after midnight. Sure, there is a cemetery next door, but the manager of the Clown Motel says it isn’t haunted, either, and just happens to be where they are located.

The Clown Motel may look and sound like the things that nightmares are made of and born with, but it’s not all bad. It’s a place that accepts pets, is kept clean, and offers great prices for a place to rest your head and relax. It may not be for everyone, but the Clown Motel really does seem like a pretty sweet place.

[Image via Flickr/Wayne Stadler]