Kitty Spencer: Prince Harry's Cousin Could Also Be His Girlfriend, Report From Britain Claims

Kitty Spencer is known for being the cousin of Prince Harry, but some strange reports out of the U.K. claim that she may also be his girlfriend.

The two have been close for years, as Kitty Spencer is the daughter of Princess Diana's younger brother, Charles Spencer. Harry and Kitty were seen together at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, but it didn't attract much attention at the time as it was a family function.

Now, the two have been seen together in more friendly settings, leading to some reports that they may actually be dating. They were recently seen spending a night partying together, and may have spent even more time alone. A report from Celeb Dirty Laundry noted that there is some suspicion in the royal family that they may have been together around the holidays.

"No one is quite sure where the heck Harry ended up after Christmas. Maybe the fifth-in-line to the throne is taking some time off before he heads off to Nepal in February. Or maybe the ginger-haired prince snuck off to spend time with suspected gal pal Kitty Spencer. Yes, that Lady Spencer – the late Princess Diana's niece.

"It's nothing new for Royals to marry first cousins. It hasn't happened in a long time, but hey, Kitty is a gorgeous blonde and most assuredly an upgrade – or two or three – from Pippa Middleton. It wouldn't be so bad for Kate Middleton to have a cousin-in-law as a sister-in-law would it?"

There are other sources that claim Prince Harry is infatuated with Kitty Spencer.

"Harry is nuts about Kitty. He says she's his idea of perfection," a source reportedly told Fashion N Style. "Harry's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw photos of her in a figure-flaunting bikini," the source also revealed.

Prince Harry's love life has always been a hot topic for speculation among celebrity news outlets, but this is one of the most bizarre rumors yet. It doesn't appear there are any concrete sources to back up the assertion that Prince Harry and Kitty Spencer are dating, so it could just be a bit of pot-stirring.

In fact, not long after the reports that Harry was seeing his cousin, he was spotted spending a night on the town with two of his ex-flames. Harry was seen at the Bunga Bunga club, where he was with both Natalie Pinkham and Astrid Hardbord.

Prince Harry has also been connected to his sister-in-law, with some reports claiming that he and Pippa Middleton carried on a short relationship, which has now ended.

Kitty Spencer seems to be active in her own love life, as well. A report connected her to Australian television presenter James Tobin. The two were seen hiking through Cape Town while in South Africa to attend a friend's wedding. Kitty later shared some pictures of the date on Instagram, showing herself and James in hiking gear.

Some sources say the relationship is already getting pretty serious.

"It's early days, but they're crazy about each other," a source told the Australian gossip magazine New Idea, which claimed they met at the Melbourne Cup. "James loves Kitty's sharp wit and bubbly personality, and also that she's not a stick insect like so many women he meets."

Even if the more wild reports are true, then Kitty Spencer could be headed for a royal wedding of her own with Prince Harry. If there is a blossoming romance, then the royal family is keeping incredibly quiet about it. No sources have spoken on the record about the alleged relationship.

[Image via Instagram/Kitty Spencer]